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  1. Looking to get an advertisement block for a month anyone know the price or can an admin msg me.
  2. Hmm pretty sure Kane deserves it for not paying his developers and for what he put Tonic through. And just about all Altis Life server are running stolen content so whats your issue?
  3. Pm me if you can't get it working. I'm thinking of making a new release of this
  4. Looks a bit like the interaction menu Boolean made
  5. if(!([false,"breachingcharge",1] call life_fnc_handleInv)) exitWith {}; Hmm Anyways who cares get over it.
  6. LOL noobs read what your copy pasting. its not found because you copy past with out reading "5. Go to /core/civilian/ create a new file. Name it: fn_civInterationMenu.sqf" its looking for fn_civInteractionMenu not fn_civInterationMenu.sqf thats why its not found simple typo. Its missing a c action if you still cant see the issue
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