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  1. Wackbatt

    [TUTORIAL] Weapon/Clothing/License Shop [VIDEO]

    Should probably have a word with your host.
  2. Wackbatt

    Game Update

    Update with steam cmd or your control panel.
  3. Wackbatt

    Database players table not working properly

    If i steal a car and sell it to you does that make the car not stolen?
  4. Wackbatt

    Database players table not working properly

    Use a build of the framework that isn't 49 centuries old and then port it to lakeside.
  5. Wackbatt

    Database players table not working properly

    Issue is you're using stolen files.
  6. Wackbatt

    Database wont connect to server

    @Leon0803 did you fix it?
  7. Wackbatt

    Modern Life RPG - 100% made from scratch

    Which RP project?
  8. Wackbatt

    Database wont connect to server

    So you need to have a sql server or Mariadb server running somewhere, whether it be on the same machine as your a3 server or external. I'd recommend getting rid of that lakeside installation and start a fresh with 5.0 seeing as what ever version you're using is missing out on several years worth of updates. Try following this guide as it's more upto date and hopefully a bit easier to follow. https://asyetuntitled.gitbook.io/docs/server-setup
  9. Wackbatt


    Don't use 4.0.
  10. Wackbatt


    Does this mean we get full rights to orange boarders and list boxes?
  11. Wackbatt

    New Arma Life - Complete Server Release

    When you asked the other day whether you should upload it and we said no did that not make you think we ment no?
  12. I'm afraid it doesn't work like that.
  13. So this framework was made solely by "Roleplay labs development team"? Looks a lot like Tonic's framework but what do I know.
  14. Wackbatt

    Traffic light script for the e76 traffic lights