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  1. Yes, the port 2306 if opened in my firewall still nothing tho
  2. Nothing says failed to update everything is fine not errors I did what you told me but still wont connect
  3. No they does change names like I said and where can I find that sorry
  4. And yes I tried to put BEserver_x64.cfg still does the same thing
  5. I have been trying to install Rcon for about a week now and I really can't make it work out. First problem I see is when I have the BEServer.cfg in TADST\default\BattlEye when I launch the game server is does not change to BEserver_active_somthing.cfg. In the BEServer.cfg I have this RConPassword 4321 RConPort 2309 And on Rcon Password:4321 Port: 2309 And then the Ip i click connect but it says "Could not connect to server!"
  6. When i try to launch the server its says 8:08:50 Script core\civilian\fn_civInteractionMenu.sqf not found 8:08:51 Mission Altis_Life.Altis read from directory. When i did make the .sqf and i did put the script inside any solution?
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