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  1. Really confused on where to put the pictures / .paa files.
  2. Fixed this. v.5.00 works with extdb2, you need to use this SQL: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/altislife.sql instead of the 4.0 sql which I was using from Tonic.
  3. So, my server starts, then I get like a hundred of these errors ("extDB2: Protocol Error: [0,""Error Statement Exception""]") after the Altis Life Init for 5.0 MySQL: Externally connected, hosted on a windows VPS. EXTBD2 Log File: (see attached files) (21-16-15.log [text file]) RPT: See attached file (exec_premiergaming_2017-05-25_02-01-02.rpt) Thank you. 21-16-15.log exec_premiergaming_2017-05-25_02-01-02.rpt
  4. How to make this a scroll wheel in-game?
  5. Grr, trying to add the cop level like above and it keeps giving me this issue.
  6. When I send people to jail for a custom time, it sends them in for 15 minutes no matter what.
  7. Fixed issue. Database name was incorrect and had some querying issues that got fixed.
  8. I set everything up, start my server off a VPS with TADST. https://gyazo.com/2dbdb8f9d55ff632a3486c0ee37aa3ae
  9. Not running 64 anymore, same error. No new logs are uploading to the extb log folder.
  10. 'Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found' I keep getting this error, what do I do? SQL information appears to be correct though... (@CptGooch) arma3server_x64_2017-04-01_12-41-37.rpt
  11. Okay then you set up your server wrong, it's okay though. They have support there and more help. If you want your own Remote Desktop connection to a server to host your files, go with a VPS from NFO Servers. Though, NFO doesn't give support, the community can help you along with me. Though it seems you don't like renting a server, if you really want to buy one, use Amazon or some site like that to buy a server to run. Just a suggestion.. it seems to me that you don't like to rent a server in this case, but those are your best options coming from me. The above post helps with how many people play on your community.
  12. HostHavoc if you want a custom control panel for your game / voice server or NFO! The best of the best
  13. Offering free support via teaamspeak for servers and infistar installation / errors. I am also willing to dev for your server for free. Connect now I am here on weekdays too!
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