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  1. I have noticed the planned additions and look forward to play once more progress has been made 👍
  2. Looks very nice and clean mate @Francis Fanzer
  3. Played this server from when it went up, amazing server! Good job!
  4. Why get on this guys back about his server he might have some friends that wanted those features. Remember we all started from 0 experience I'm very sure he will try make his server more unique in the future.
  5. Thank you for tagging me matey! @[IL] KingCrazyHunter
  6. Amazing server just needs the players - also a lovely greeting by the admins - 10/10 server development.
  7. We are a Altis Life Community which is always changing to make the role-play experience more immersive. Website: http://www.tech-legacy.com/ (Feel free TeamSpeak: Custom scripts in the server: Custom weapon shops (Maverick) Vehicle tuning (Maverick) Custom StatusBar Talent Tree (Maverick) Custom Drug and legal Runs added soon (Meth, Uranium, Platinum and LSD) We have more scripts but I will leave that part for you to find out!
  8. <23:39:58> Trying to resolve hostname ts.phantomentertainment.net <23:40:02> Trying to connect to server on ts.phantomentertainment.net <23:40:07> Failed to connect to server
  9. How they have treated people they deserve it.
  10. I can not do my own custom scripts and have been given a script for corporation its in and working wonderfully but i don't want to make it so you can have both (Corporation & Rebel) Please help!!!
  11. Thanks man and i got it working but thank u very much.
  12. Hi Rubidium i like the look of your script please could you help me on where i can locate on where i am meant to put the magazine if u can tell me that would be great
  13. Title: Rubber Bullets / Advanced Tazer Owner: Mike Black Difficulty: Easy This is the handleDamage from V5.0 - 4.4R3 I think you can see what I've done. If not ask ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- then you copy your tazed.sqf and rename it with fn_tazedRubber.sqf. Here you can see what to edit: Then go to your Function.hpp and search under class Civilian: (This calls the script to work ) Ready!! If something not work ask me please Have fun with this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Server! Hello everyone I am happy to say we have got a server its a Altis Life server So why not come check us out it can't hurt Project Narnia Website: www.project-narnia-rpg.com In-game server IP: Teamspeak: ts.project-narnia-rpg.com
  14. Do you not have the script for Rubber Bullets!?!?!
  15. Hi Repentz i enjoy the work u post but i need help on something i was good unit i got to this place Call this function in functions.h under file = "System\session"; place: What do you mean by system Do you mean "Root" ?? I'm sorry if is is something obvious but i'm new at this.
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