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  1. Why get on this guys back about his server he might have some friends that wanted those features. Remember we all started from 0 experience I'm very sure he will try make his server more unique in the future.
  2. Josh

    [5.0] SCROLL WHEEL RUBBER BULLETS (Like Asylum & Olympus)

    Thank you for tagging me matey! @[IL] KingCrazyHunter
  3. Amazing server just needs the players - also a lovely greeting by the admins - 10/10 server development.
  4. We are a Altis Life Community which is always changing to make the role-play experience more immersive. Website: http://www.tech-legacy.com/ (Feel free TeamSpeak: Custom scripts in the server: Custom weapon shops (Maverick) Vehicle tuning (Maverick) Custom StatusBar Talent Tree (Maverick) Custom Drug and legal Runs added soon (Meth, Uranium, Platinum and LSD) We have more scripts but I will leave that part for you to find out!
  5. <23:39:58> Trying to resolve hostname ts.phantomentertainment.net <23:40:02> Trying to connect to server on ts.phantomentertainment.net <23:40:07> Failed to connect to server
  6. Josh

    Project Origins Arma Life 50k start

    How they have treated people they deserve it.
  7. What is the teamspeak?
  8. Josh

    [5.0] SCROLL WHEEL RUBBER BULLETS (Like Asylum & Olympus)

    Thanks for adding me in mate
  9. I can not do my own custom scripts and have been given a script for corporation its in and working wonderfully but i don't want to make it so you can have both (Corporation & Rebel) Please help!!!
  10. Josh

    Rubber Bullets | working on 4.4R3 - 5.0

    Thanks man and i got it working but thank u very much.
  11. Josh

    Rubber Bullets | working on 4.4R3 - 5.0

    Hi Rubidium i like the look of your script please could you help me on where i can locate on where i am meant to put the magazine if u can tell me that would be great
  12. Josh

    Rubber Bullets | working on 4.4R3 - 5.0

    OK thanks man