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  1. Fran├žaise Bonjour a tous , j ai essayer de faire la manipe mes j ai rien qui s affiche je recherche une personne qui pourrait m aide svp je comprend pas ou il faut mettre set commande ====================================================================== Helpful comments / commands bring up experience menu [] spawn {sleep 2; createDialog "Experince_Menu";} add experience [10, "test"] spawn life_fnc_giveexperince 1 part is how much experience second part is a message that you want to go with it check the level for what ever it may be experince_check = false; if (life_exp_perks select 1 == 0) then { experince_check = false; hint "its not true";} else { experince_check = true; hint "its true";} To add more perk choices go into fn_experinceinit and in life_exp_perks and another ,0 then in life_exp_perks_choice at the end add ["Name",1,2,3,4] you can add as many levels as you want just add an extra number at the end to max it out. then go into fn_experince_menu_change and add another case. the case name needs to be the exact same as the name you set for it. just write the description out and make sure to format it. ===================================================================== Merci d avance
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