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  1. I have a pbo for a custom building I want to place on my RP server. Do I need to create a mod for this and add it in game that way or can I just drop the pbo server side? Never used custom buildings before!
  2. Fix was pretty straight forward: delete the mod from client side and then download the mod once more from the arma 3 launcher when I go to join the server. Updated keys and files now match the server side mod upload. If it doesn’t work first time, go to the mod in the mod manager and repair.
  3. A more recent attempt (after a complete server and mod rebuild) Gave this error in the log: Client PBO could not be verified: @Project_Narnia_EmergencyVehicles\addons\project narnia emergency vehicles.pbo Anyone have any ideas at all??
  4. I am in the process of setting up my Altis life server and am using a custom mod that I built for police vehicles. This morning I updated the mod with a new texture and have been consistently getting the \filename.pbo Not signed by a key accepted by this server, despite repacking the pbo, re signing and reuploading the keys to the server multiple times. I am not sure where I am going wrong, as it was working before this. The mod is currently saved in the !Workshop folder, and the files I use to update the mod are saved in my local file structure. Hosted with GTX, Altis Life 5.0 I have attached my logs for this. Thank you in advance! arma3server_2021-07-14_21-52-22.rpt
  5. What are the key bindings for this? Z and Y do not work. No menu opens with Y, and Z just makes my guy prone.
  6. I’ve got a modded vehicle set to include cop cars and ambulances. The cars work fine but when I input the class names into the config file for vehicles, none of the ambulances show. Anyone know why this might be?
  7. Bumping this as I too am having issues with this and am using some of the same mods!
  8. So I checked and I am level 7 in the DB. Here is my config_Clothing.hpp: { "U_B_CTRG_3", "CTSFO Operator", 0, "call life_coplevel >= 7" } And here is my fn_playerSkins.sqf: case west: { if (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"cop_extendedSkins") isEqualTo 1) then { if (uniform player isEqualTo "U_Rangemaster") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\cop_uniform.jpg"]; }; if (uniform player isEqualTo "U_B_CTRG_3") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\ctsfo.jpg"]; }; player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, _skinName]; }; }; Config_Master has cop_extendedskins set to true. What am I missing? any help greatly appreciated! Edited: when I go into game with the above code, I spawn with the untextured rangemaster skin And when I purchase the CTRG uniform, it also is untextured. I have the correct paths in place and the right levels assigned. Is there something wrong with the code? As that is not my strong point.
  9. How would I go about doing either of those? Im pretty new to this!
  10. I’m trying to add multiple classes of uniform for my cops on my life server. Currently they have a retextured U_rangemaster uniform, and I’m trying to add a retextured “U_B_CombatUniform_mcam” for my highest level cop only. Do I need to create a new class/license/faction for this (maybe a swat license or something?) or is it possible to add multiple uniform classes for one faction?
  11. Doesnt work. Cant log into the panel. Edit: developer helped me get it working - looks great!
  12. hey guys, Just installed an Altis life server (5.0) and continue to get "battleye script restriction #1". I cannot for the life of me figure this out...I am new to this. this is the log: #1 "this allowDamage false; this enableSimulation false; this addAction[format["%1 ($%2)",localize (getText(missionConfigFile >> "Li" This is the scripts.txt content: //new2 1 "" !="this allowDamage false;" !="this enableSimulation false;" !"this addAction[localize\"STR_" !"this addAction[format [\"%1 ($%2)\",localize (getText(missionConfigFile" 5 addAction !"this addAction[format [\"%1 ($%2)\",localize (getText(missionConfigFile" !HC_fnc_getVehicles !life_fnc_atmMenu !life_fnc_captureHideout !life_fnc_chopShopMenu !life_fnc_clothingMenu !life_fnc_dpFinish !life_fnc_dropFishingNet !life_fnc_fedCamDisplay !life_fnc_fuelStatOpen !life_fnc_getDPMission !life_fnc_healHospital !life_fnc_packupSpikes !life_fnc_postBail !life_fnc_processAction !life_fnc_questionDealer !life_fnc_robAction !life_fnc_safeFix !life_fnc_safeOpen !life_fnc_serviceChopper !life_fnc_storeVehicle !life_fnc_vehicleShopMenu !life_fnc_virt_menu !life_fnc_weaponShopMenu !life_spikestrip !TON_fnc_getVehicles 5 createDialog !\"Chop_Shop\" !\"DeathScreen\" !\"Federal_Safe\" !\"Life_Admin_Compensate\" !\"life_admin_menu\" !\"Life_atm_management\" !\"Life_cell_phone\" !\"Life_Clothing\" !\"Life_Create_Gang_Diag\" !\"Life_FuelStat\" !\"Life_impound_menu\" !\"Life_key_management\" !\"Life_My_Gang_Diag\" !\"life_news_broadcast\" !\"life_spawn_selection\" !\"life_ticket_give\" !\"life_ticket_pay\" !\"Life_Vehicle_Shop_v2\" !\"life_wanted_menu\" !\"life_weapon_shop\" !\"pInteraction_Menu\" !\"playerSettings\" !\"RscDisplayCamera\" !\"RscDisplayDebugPublic\" !\"RscDisplayWelcome\" !\"RscGUIEditor\" !\"SettingsMenu\" !\"shops_menu\" !\"TrunkMenu\" !\"vInteraction_Menu\" 5 ctrlCreate !\"RscControlsGroupNoHScrollbars\" !\"RscMessageBox\" 5 ctrlDelete !="};\n};\n\n\n\n\n\n\n_ListGroup = _display displayctrl 21903 ;\n\n\n\nctrlDelete _ListGroup;\n_listGroupCfg = configfile >> \"RscDisplayDebri" !=" select 2; \n_ListGroup = _display displayctrl 38400;\n\n\n\nctrlDelete _ListGroup;\n_listGroupCfg = configfile >> \"RscDisplayDLCCo" !="0];\n_ctrlRscMessageBox ctrlcommit 0;\nif (_canDelete) then {ctrldelete _ctrlRscMessageBox;};\n} else {\n_display closedisplay 2;\n};" !="ts\");\n};\n\n\n\n_ListGroup = _display displayctrl 21903 ;\n\n\n\nctrlDelete _ListGroup;\n_listGroupCfg = configfile >> \"RscDisplayDebri" 5 forceRespawn !="Helper\",\"BIS_fnc_reviveRemoveHelper\",\"BIS_fnc_reviveHandleForceRespawnAction\",\"BIS_fnc_reviveHandleIncapUnitDetection\",\"BIS_fnc_" !="[\"a3\functions_f_mp_mark\revive\fn_reviveHandleForceRespawnAction.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"A3_Mark\",\"Revive\",\"reviveHand" !="_reviveHandleReviveAction;\n\n\n[] spawn bis_fnc_reviveHandleForceRespawnAction;\n\n\n[] spawn bis_fnc_reviveHandleIncapUnitDetection;" !="];\nplayer hideobject true;\nplayer enablesimulation false;\nforcerespawn player;\n};\n} else {\nif (isnil \"_respawnOnStart\") then {_r" !="\"BIS_fnc_paramReviveBleedOutDuration\",\"BIS_fnc_paramReviveForceRespawnDuration\",\"BIS_fnc_paramTimeAcceleration\",\"BIS_fnc_ORBATOp" !="[\"A3\functions_f\Params\fn_paramReviveForceRespawnDuration.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"A3\",\"Params\",\"paramReviveForceRespaw" !="ble[\"bis_reviveParam_bleedOutDuration\",-100]};\nbis_revive_forceRespawnDuration = if ((missionNamespace getVariable[\"bis_revivePa" 5 W_O_O_K_I_E !="\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nif (isServer && !hasInterface) exitWith {};\n\nW_O_O_K_I_E_ANTI_ANTI_HAX = compileFinal (if (\"false\" isEqualType \"\") " 5 E_X_T_A_S_Y !="lse\" isEqualType \"\") then {\"false\"} else {str(\"false\")});\nE_X_T_A_S_Y_ANTI_ANTI_HAX = compileFinal (if (\"false\" isEqualType \"\") " 5 DO_NUKE !="false\" isEqualType \"\") then {\"false\"} else {str(\"false\")});\nDO_NUKE = compileFinal (if (\"false\" isEqualType \"\") then {\"false\"} e" 5 JxMxE !="\"false\" isEqualType \"\") then {\"false\"} else {str(\"false\")});\nJxMxE_spunkveh = compileFinal (if (\"false\" isEqualType \"\") then {\"f" 5 llyyssttiiccc !="then {\"false\"} else {str(\"false\")});\nJJJJ_MMMM___EEEEEEE_LLYYSSTTIICCC_SHIT_RE = compileFinal (if (\"false\" isEqualType \"\") then " 5 J_M_E_ 5 aNUScODERZ 5 Jesus 5 JJJJ_ !="\"false\" isEqualType \"\") then {\"false\"} else {str(\"false\")});\nJJJJ_MMMM___EEEEEEE_LLYYSSTTIICCC_SHIT_RE = compileFinal (if (\"fals" 5 ThirtySix 5 root_ 5 E5P 5 Bossmode This is the remote.exec.txt content: //regex 1 "" !="_this call fn_whoDoneIt" 5 "" !BIS_fnc_(effectKilled(AirDestruction|Secondaries)|execVM) !DB_fnc_(insertRequest|queryRequest|updatePartial|updateRequest) !HC_fnc_(addContainer|addHouse|chopShopSell|deleteDBContainer|getVehicles|insertGang|insertRequest|jailSys|queryRequest|receivekeyofServer) !HC_fnc_(removeGang|sellHouse(Container)?|spawnVehicle|spikeStrip) !HC_fnc_update(Gang|HouseContainers|HouseTrunk|Partial|Request) !HC_fnc_vehicle(Create|Delete|Store|Update) !HC_fnc_wanted(Add|Bounty|Crimes|Fetch|ProfUpdate|Remove) !life_fnc_(AAN|addVehicle2Chain|adminid|admininfo|animSync|bountyReceive|broadcast|colorVehicle|copLights) !life_fnc_(copSearch|CopSiren|corpse|demoChargeTimer|flashbang|freezePlayer|gangCreated|gangDisbanded|gangInvite) !life_fnc_(garageRefund|giveDiff|hideObj|impoundMenu|jail(Me|Sys)?) !life_fnc_(jumpFnc|knockedOut|licenseCheck|licensesRead|lightHouse|lockVehicle|medic(Lights|Request|Siren)) !life_fnc_(moveIn|pickupItem|pickupMoney|pulloutVeh|receiveItem|receiveMoney|removeLicenses|restrain|revived) !life_fnc_(robPerson|robReceive|say3D|searchClient|seizeClient|setFuel|simDisable|soundDevice|spikeStripEffect) !life_fnc_(tazeSound|ticketPaid|ticketPrompt|vehicleAnimate|gangBankResponse) !life_fnc_wanted(Add|Bounty|Crimes|Fetch|Info|List|ProfUpdate|Remove) !life_fnc_wireTransfer !SOCK_fnc_(dataQuery|insertPlayerInfo|updateRequest) !SPY_fnc_(cookieJar|notifyAdmins|observe) !TON_fnc_(addContainer|addHouse|chopShopSell|cleanupRequest|handleBlastingCharge) !TON_fnc_clientGang(Kick|Leader|Left) !TON_fnc_(clientGetKey|clientMessage) !TON_fnc_(deleteDBContainer|getID|getVehicles|insertGang|keyManagement|managesc|pickupAction|player_query|recupkeyforHC) !TON_fnc_(removeGang|sellHouse(Container)?|spawnVehicle|spikeStrip) !TON_fnc_update(Gang|HouseContainers|HouseTrunk) !TON_fnc_vehicle(Create|Delete|Store|Update) !="_this call fn_whoDoneIt" Any help would be appreciated, as I am a little stumped! thank you
  13. Hi all, After searching for two days I have decided to come to the forum for help. We have hit a stumbling block with our new Altis life server thats preventing anyone from being able to join: The "battleye addWeaponscargo Restriction #1" issue. The logs are showing the following: #1 "ItemMap" 4:3 Supply20 #0 "ItemMap" 4:3 Supply20 The addWeaponCargo.txt reads as follows: //regex 5 "" 5 "" !=hgun_(ACPC2|Rook40|PDW2000|Pistol_heavy_02)_F !=hgun_P07_(snds_)?F !=arifle_(TRG20|Katiba|SDAR|MX[C]?)_F !=srifle_DMR_01_F !=SMG_02_ACO_F 3 "" !=ItemMap The 3 "" !=ItemMap was added based on feedback found on another forum with the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't move forward without fixing this!
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