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  1. FIXED: the file for it is - addLicenseActions.sqf Damn i was searchign this shit for 20h. peace
  2. Im really getting MAD as hell, because i search for this now for more then 20h. WAITING FOR HELP
  3. Hey guys, i have a not typical issue. I have 2 NPC license sellers, and there is NO TRIGGER installed for the scroll menu inside the NPC. And the problem is that i cant find the way how do this work, where i want to make changes on it. There is a license file, but in the NPC there is as mentioned no trigger. I have just no clue how is this working. WHERE the hell is this file ? PLEASE HELP.
  4. Hello guys and ladys, can You tell me or is there any where a script which will define the virtual trunk of a car for specifik virtual items only ? Example; The Fuel Hemmit virtual trunk is only for gasoline (virtual item). thanks
  5. Hello there, im searching for people with script experince writing. Im the Project Leader of a Polish community which needs help in script development. We pay a small amount for the time You are giving. Contact me for more. Peace and take care
  6. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/vehicle/fn_fuelSupply.sqf#L67 Can someone explain me how do i install this future :). Thanks
  7. Hey guys, could someone paste the WORK one for altis 5.0 ?
  8. Hello, Me and my fiends are Amators, and we got a problem with the accessories, because they are greyed out accessories. On Tanoa Life 5.0 I found this one . But i do not understnad how do i fix it. Can someone help me by editing my file please ? I could like to pay someone for small help, friendly for a beer :). Thanks alot.
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