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  1. Elite IV

    [Tutorial] Car alarm

    LOL i'm so silly, thats why my old car alarm script didn't work. Different functions. [[_curTarget],"life_fnc_carAlarm",nil,true] spawn life_fnc_MP; Thanks for this, i will use this as a reference when i am converting shit over from, might help >.<
  2. There is, as long as you know how to write the script for it. Or add the animation after the action "restrain" in the fn_keyHandler.sqf, idk just a though.
  3. Elite IV


    I see, such a simple flaw to avoid.
  4. Elite IV


    Whats with all these news servers having 5/10m starts. Thats not going to bring players guys Sorry to say.
  5. Elite IV

    [Tutorial] Fuel Usage

    initPlayerLocal.sqf - Line 14 [] execVM "scripts\fn_fuelUsage.sqf"; Functions.h - Place class fuelUsage {}; under Vehicle class. Create a new file with the code below called "fn_fuelUsage.sqf" and save it in MPMISSIONS/CORE/VEHICLE private["_vehicleToFuel","_velocityOfVehicle","_fuelConsumption"]; while{true} do { _vehicleToFuel = (vehicle player); if(isEngineOn _vehicleToFuel && ((driver _vehicleToFuel) == player) && !(_vehicleToFuel isKindOf "Air") && (_vehicleToFuel != player) ) then { _velocityOfVehicle = sqrt(((velocity _vehicleToFuel select 0)^2)+((velocity _vehicleToFuel select 1)^2))*3.6; _fuelConsumption = _velocityOfVehicle/100000 + 0.0001; if(_fuelConsumption > 0.002) then { _fuelConsumption = 0.002; }; _vehicleToFuel setFuel ((fuel _vehicleToFuel)-_fuelConsumption); //hint format["Benzinverbrauch: %1L/km",_fuelConsumption*10000/2]; if(fuel _vehicleToFuel < 0.2 && fuel _vehicleToFuel > 0.18) then { hint "Your gas tank is empty. Hurry to the next gas station!"; } else { if(fuel _vehicleToFuel < 0.03) then { hint "I hope you can run - because you just ran out of gas!"; }; }; }; sleep 2; };
  6. Elite IV

    [Tutorial] 3D Items

    I see, well thats awesome. I never had funds to pay for a dedicated server yet. Just shitty slot servers. But our playerbase is only 20/30 atm so thats fine.
  7. Elite IV

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    That seems to work for me, i haven't touched the code.
  8. Nice tutorial bro! Will probably use soon Fixing some bugs currently on my server. Cheers mate!
  9. Purge on my server! nah jokes i don't even have the function. lol.
  10. What i mean is that, 5.0 is not officially released yet. Check the github. There is information on there.
  11. 5.0 Isn't officially released yet?
  12. Elite IV

    Titties and Beer

    Sorta beer i guess >.< Coopers Sparkling Ale Red i clicked for the titties though...