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  1. Originally a french canadian server called Enovia Life. The server was a great missed Opportunity. Sadly the original owner closed down the server and I sadly lost contact with him.... My friends and I saw a great Opportunity and we bought the server in 2018. But at the time we wasn't sure about the server so we kept our efforts on others stuff in our lives. We finally decided to remastered the server and open it this time, in english! We aren't sure if Altis Life is worth it in 2021 but we are willing to see if its still possible to build a community in 2021 on Arma 3! Keep in mind that the o
  2. Hello! I tried finding the issue on the internet but cannot seems to find whats causing this. Everytimes I try to retrieve the car out of the garage it doesn't spawn. The insurance doesn't work while trying to insure the selected car and its says for both of them: The Selection had an error. The basic infos on prices doesn't work too! Everythings else work fine and the EXTDB3 database is linked in Some addons doesn't work too like econonmy market. Once the issue is found I will try to explain what was the cause of the problem for future people scrolling this post!
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