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  1. Doesn't really need one because its at the bottom of the script but if anything else is put after this you should definetley have a semi-colon. I'll add one in just to be safe, thanks brother *Edit* Post updated with "safety" semi-colon.
  2. I have been looking around and have noticed that a lot of people are using the method of defining the safezone using macros with the marker and distance in an array. I am happy to say that I have a much easier and better way to do this. It will involve editing 4 different files. You need to add markers onto your map with variable names set to them. You should use "Ellipse" or "Rectangle" markers. Files to be edited: "Altis_Life.Altis\core\configuration.sqf" "Altis_Life.Altis\core\fn_setupEVH.sqf" "Altis_Life.Altis\core\functions\fn_handleDamage.sqf" "Altis_Li
  3. I don't know about you but when I see cops abusing the handleDamage script to insta' heal a colleague it infuriates me. In wake of this issue we were having, a friend of mine @Rogue added a fix for this to our mission, and I thought others might like to enjoy it. This FIX will stop tazers from healing people. This particular work is mine to share. So here goes nothing. Step 1: Open "Altis_Life\core\functions\fn_handleDamage.sqf". Step 2: Find the following code: _projectile = _this select 4; And then add this below it: _originalDa
  4. The very point of advertising is to gain a playerbase. I'm not to sure why you are so suprised that their's is non-existent at this time. Otherwise, I think that you should add some screenshots and maybe a more condensed way to explain your features. Good luck mate
  5. I would have happily joined your teamspeak and seen what your all about but I am too lazy to type the IP and you have made it so I have to.
  6. Some of the textures and map edits look great. As for the video, I was sitting there the whole time wondering to myself if the author was aware of the in-game camera(splendid camera). Good effort though lol.
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