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  1. I cant text to all as a cop. When i'm clicking button nothing happend.
  2. solved, i changed it in fn_wantedadd.sqf
  3. Ok, so if I somebody kill anyone ingame, server adds me to yhe wanted list for 2000$, when i set price to 60 000$ in config master. Here is my config (Crime 187 is a Murderer): Here onplayerkilled.sqf Yes, i added this to stringtable.
  4. Nothing suspicious in the server rpt logs. And in extdb logs it writes: [20:44:40:656375 +02:00] [Thread 4064] extDB3: Config Error: : No such node (.IP) I had the same error in extdb logs when there was a mistake in a config file in the mission file. I don't know why mission file affects on extdb connection but..... This is arma. I would like to say that the mission was workind before the obfuscation but after it didn't work. I used sqfsafe.
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