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  1. how and where can i post this to get a more my laymans terms TRT?
  2. ok now how do i open the gates and set it up for police to open jail doors is this just an action fn are a key card set up to allow civilians to hold hostage west and gain access to doors and cells for possible escape! ok i tried this up above and now only the civilians can open the jail gates and jail cells and the police station doors and the police cannot open anything no gates no doors no entry to law enforcement buildings! is there anything you have to do in the editor int?
  3. thank you and where do i post?
  4. can anyone refer me to script on how to create Key cards for police to gain access to jails and police station buildings thanks!
  5. how do you move the fed reserve box to a new map using Altis life 5.0 framework by Tonic?
  6. Does anyone have the 5.0 on how to setup and i do mean setup the fed reserve and really if i might add videos are very helpful in this time in age ive read these instructions above and some of the locations of these file that are explained are not even there for 5.0 altis framework by tonic!
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