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  1. i have been trying to figure this out for some time, how can i make it so when a player gets killed by another it says in the kill feed/chat "Player [gang] was killed by Player [gang]"
  2. @Martinez101honestly that would be amazing, it just depends if you want paying or not.
  3. basically, i know this might not be the right place to put it, but im looking for a admin panel in the form of a spectator cam. for example, players on the left along side gangs/factions and functions on the right like ziptie, teleport etc, any recommendations if not then how could i start coding one?
  4. I am currently developing a British modded altis life server, we currently only have 7 mods 1 of which is temporary until we have custom textures sorted. Gangs on the server will get their own spawn location ( like how gangs work IRL how they have a block/estate ) we are working for as much realism as we can. however we are still in early development stages so some. this is our discord, contact me at Crimzon#6820 for more info collection of mods currently being used: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2243273910
  5. So, i followed a tutorial on the forums about how to add a faction, when i was adding it, there was a few stuff missing, but this is the error i get when i try play as opfor 12:43:06 Error in expression <e_Settings" >> "paycheck_GB"); [] call life_fnc_initGB; }; }; life_paycheck => 12:43:06 Error position: <life_fnc_initGB; }; }; life_paycheck => 12:43:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: life_fnc_initgb 12:43:06 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\core\init.sqf..., line 64 this is the code where its happening case east: { life_paycheck = LIFE_SETTIN
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