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  1. I found this in the client RPT file 22:38:06 Error in expression < displayCtrl 38502),1,0.1,getMarkerPos (_sp select 0)] call life_fnc_setMapPosit> 22:38:06 Error position: <_sp select 0)] call life_fnc_setMapPosit> 22:38:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: _sp 22:38:06 File dialog\function\fn_spawnMenu.sqf [life_fnc_spawnMenu]..., line 34 However, when I compare my fn_spawnMenu.sqf to the one in the original 5.X.X framework it is identical.
  2. https://pastebin.com/7n2h9p6z I see the server --> Connect --> Pick a slot --> It shows the Altis Life 5.0.0 Loading Picture --> loads me in with spawn selection screen but there are no options to spawn --> Click spawn and I assume it spawns me into the actual location of the unit placement on map.
  3. Still not resolved after changes made. New RPT file attached. https://pastebin.com/kzPjcQ1F
  4. Hello, I recently did some testing and with the vanilla 5.0.0 framework on the Takistan map and doesn't allow spawn selection. The window appears to select a location but there are no entries. I have confirmed that all editor entities have transferred over to the new map. I have also tried to create a test_spawn and added the entry to the Config_SpawnPoints.hpp. Just to verify the steps taken. 1. Downloaded v5.X.X from https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework 2. Set everything up as instructed. 3. Grabbed the Altis_Life.Altis folder and missionAltis.sqm. 4. Disabled SpyGlass in Config_Master.hpp 5. Uploaded to my server. 6. Verified the Altis_Life.Altis file worked and I was able to connect and spawn in. 7. Renamed Altis_Life.Altis to Altis_Life.Takistan 8. Re-uploaded to server and relaunched. 9. Connected and tried to spawn - ISSUE OCCURRED 10. Spawned at location on N side of map. No spawns selection options. 11. Edited mission.sqm to include test_spawn empty marker. 12. Edited Config_SpawnPoints.hpp to include test spawn 13. Re-uploaded and re-tested - Issue Still occurred. Attached is my RPT file from the server. https://pastebin.com/G8m2Kd2Q
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