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  1. For those who do wonder, this is still in development with plans to launch testing in December
  2. The Hooligans Life is a new and coming server that is still in development and need peoples ideas and suggestions. Join our community: Discord: https://discord.gg/EbqNakB Website: https://www.hooligans-life.com/ (currently down) Teamspeak: ts.hooligans-life.com:10006 Server: Hooligans Life | Altis Life | We currently do have our server up but is currently on minimal slots so you are able to join and tell us what you think and what could be added or changed, it is still in the dev stage and once that is mostly done, we will be looking to upgrade slots and properly release the server but are still building up a community around it so everyone can enjoy and play properly on release.
  3. I have tried whats in there and it does not appear to be working, this is what i get
  4. I keep having this issue, whenever I try connect to my RCon with BERcon it says connecting failed and same with literally every other console I've tried. Because of this I also cannot connect it to my admin web panel to use. Whenever I try do something that requires RCon it redirects me to a blank screen and doesn't do anything to the server. I do use the web panel made by jason_000 at the moment which is hosted by NFOservers and the Altis life server is hosted by nitrado. If someone could help me that would be great and if you need any extra info or pics let me know
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