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  1. Hey i have installed infistar on my server and when i connect and load the mission it takes so long to loaddthe mission... I have followed all the steps to install it properly but it makes that issue RPT https://pastebin.com/rrUA4zz7
  2. Hey i'm looking for something that would send impounded vehicles in a "pound" garage so players just have to go to the pound to retrieve their impounded cars. Thanks
  3. Hey I have an issue with the passport script right below (I'm running a Tanoa Life RPG 5.0.0) https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/127-tutorial-civ-passeport/ I followed all tips to update the script to 5.0 but still can't present passport to anyone. here is my RPT file https://pastebin.com/gsDJwKja fn_civPassport https://pastebin.com/qHAhnu78 fn_passportCiv https://pastebin.com/uJCgKG0Z fn_setupActions https://pastebin.com/jb2ZDW1b
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