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  1. Hey, whenever i try to join my server it says that the keys are not accepted, even though we use the same keys/bisign files from the server (keys are both in the modpack and keys folder) Any idea why it keeps saying that the keys are not accepted? It doesnt say anything in the log besides that the keys are not accepted.
  2. The error that comes ingame is "The selection had a error" - We're really desperate for help, and would appreciate any kind of help!
  3. We've encountered this error in the DB when I was trying to add a new user with some other DB priviliges - Any ideas to a fix? SQL error 1034 index for table is corrupt; try to repair it
  4. Fixed. Needed to pack life_server into PBO.
  5. Hello, I've been having this problem for at few days now, and I think I've googled everything without succes, hence why I'm asking you for help. Really hope you are able to help!
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