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  1. Thanks! Everything has been solved apart from the Bobcat (tank) not being able to be impounded but i'll do that myself! Thanks for all the help!
  2. Thanks for the information on the impound function! So if i understand it correctly this is what the damage should be; _playerHealth = (1 - (damage player))*100;
  3. Does the framework come with a health value (Like life_hunger but then life_health?) or do i have to use the arma 3 "build in" value?
  4. Ahh, have to change it anyways to make clear which mission is ours I've looked into fn_impoundAction.sqf but i didn't find much to make people recieve a set 10k for impounding, just the multiplier, is there an easy way to go at it (which is still a proper way) or is it hassle?
  5. Ahh didn't even realize that was a thing tbh, it works now! I did come across another thing, sometimes when i save the mpmission on the server and rejoin as a client it kicks me out, everytime i've just went into %appdata% > local > arma3 > mpmissionscache and removed the mpmission which isn't much of a problem to me but to players it will most likely be an issue, is there any way to make it so you just doesn't get kicked you out?
  6. Buying (I have disabled the renting function), yes it only happens with the bobcat (it's the only APC/Tank like vehicle we have in the server) other vehicles behave normally.
  7. Yep, it's like 3-5 arma meters away from eachother
  8. It simply just says "There isn't a vehicle near the NPC", it's still on the spawn point when i clicked store vehicle, so somehow it doesn't recognize the Bobcat as a vehicle.
  9. It works, i tried it out rq, removed both my admin + nato level but kept cops level and it worked, thanks for the help! Would you need client logs for the Bobcat issue?
  10. I just realized after this message he was still whitelisted as an admin so as of now unsure but if it doesn't spit out any errors i'll take it as a win and that it works! Give me a minute and i'll test it out real quick!
  11. BUT, i have put cop_20 - cop_24 under a different UNIT in the mission.sqm, Police cop_1 - cop_19 being under the unit "Police" and cop_20 - cop_24 under "NATO".
  12. Yes everything shown above was already done in life_server/init.sqf, Yes the nato slots are put down as cop_20 -cop_24 (That's the variable name in the mission.sqm, Role description is Simply "NATO - 1" also till "NATO - 5")
  13. I've been able to quickly fix that issue but i came across this "Error in expression <) isEqualTo _uid) exitWith {", other people who aren't whitelisted are still able to access NATO slots, For the Bobcat issue with the storing/impounding RPT Log Hospital thing is solved though (Also did a quick check for the other errors but those are related to fn_setPlayTime.sqf which hasn't been touched by me yet so unsure if it's an error that just comes with the framework?)
  14. NATO Rank. Yes i have also added it to a constant in fn_requestRecieved.sqf. Thanks for the quick edit on the fn_initCop.sqf, i understood why that part didn't work now by comparing both the 2 scripts next to eachother and using some common sense. After changing the file with the provided file above clients get stuck on "Setting up client, please wait". (Besides that i've also removed the forEach part with the hospitals). RPT Logs (my client logs don't say anything at all) ClientLogs
  15. So i've got a few things going on, i did my own research and looked thru as much as i possibly could within my own knowledge, i looked thru other threads to see if i could find the answer i'm looking for but i couldn't find anything. One thing is that i've setup "NATO", i've added the rank in the database, even added some extra "cops" in the Mission file, i've edited the fn_initCop.sqf, edited the Query request to add nato into it specifically. Even when you don't have the nato whitelist or admin whitelist but you do have the cop whitelist (as example level 1) you can still join the NATO se
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