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    • Rozo

      Donations   09/18/2016

        We've added a donation block on the right side. All of those donation goes directly to the developer of Altis Life mod ( currently BoGuu ). None of that money is used to maintain the forum. In the future we might add a donation button to support the forum, but for now we want to encourage the developer because they went through a lot. To discuss this topic - Here
    • Shakir Darwish

      IS YOUR SERVER BROKEN SINCE 1.64 UPDATE?   09/22/2016

      If your server is broken since 1.64 go check this link thanks. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/issues/104
    • Rozo

      Sad Day   01/04/2017

      Good evening community of Altis Life RPG, Today was a sad day. We learned the hard way that one of the helper was using his status and visibility on the forum to do things i wouldn't imagine.  We were warned about this user in the beginning, we talked about his behavior and he said that they were things of the past. We were fooled.
      Unfortunately, he fooled other community members by selling stolen content and impersonating his role as a developer in another community. Here's a remember of one of the rules on our forum, No selling scripts, snippets, or services.   So if anyone come across someone who's selling his services, scripts or whatever, Report them. Especially if it's coming from an Helper, Mod, Admin. No one in the staff should ask for money, we already mention this when we reopened the forum and that rule is here to stay.

      We can't be sorry enough for what happen here, for any harm it as caused among other communities, for money that shouldn't been spent and we truly hope this doesn't happen again.

      As for the user in question, he is now banned from our forum and discord and we wish to never cross his path again.
        If there's anything we can do hit us on Discord or send a message to an admin.
      Thanks, Rozo.


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  1. In server.cfg: class Missions { class Mission1 { template="YourMPMISSION!"; difficulty="Custom"; }; }; Add in your parameters this: -name=MyCommunityname "-profiles=config\MycommunityName"
  2. Did you change the Start parameters and the server.cfg ?
  3. My Server is crashing after this: Attempt to override final function I hope someone can help me arma3server_x64_2018-02-13_21-47-46.rpt
  4. StreetV LIVE RPG [Es]

    POP ripped mods from other people or games like gta 5
  5. Introducing Baumwollpflücker Altis Life

    Sieht nicht schlecht aus
  6. black Laggon Markt System

    xonex du musst die terrain sort machen in der init.sqf
  7. [Tutorial] Purge [Server Event] 4.4 R3

    Can you sent your Client Logs
  8. [Tutorial] Purge [Server Event] 4.4 R3

    It works on the 5.0 sent your rpt logs and we can help you
  9. X[PHONE]

    Not bad
  10. [Tutorial] 5.0 Dynamic Market

    i get this Error 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 "[MARKET] marketChange called." 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 Error in expression < _modifier = (_amount * (_arr_resource select 4)); _price = _price - _modifie> 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 Error position: <select 4)); _price = _price - _modifie> 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 Error Zero divisor 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 File core\market\fn_marketSell.sqf [life_fnc_marketSell], line 22 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 Error in expression < _modifier = (_amount * (_arr_resource select 4)); _price = _price - _modifie> 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 Error position: <select 4)); _price = _price - _modifie> 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 Error Zero divisor 2017/06/23, 18:14:05 File core\market\fn_marketSell.sqf [life_fnc_marketSell], line 22
  11. [Tutorial] Bleeding Script [5.0, 4.4R3]

    Autor: Nijanu / Yves 1. Creat a new sqf file and named it fn_verbluten.sqf // Author: Nijanu / Yves / aufgeräumt von Cherdenko // Version: 1.1 // Beschreibung: Legt den Schadenswert fest wenn ein Spieler von einem Projektil getroffen wird / ein Blutungseffekt // Infos: Ihr könnt das Script nach euren Wünschen anpassen dies Gilt nur als eine Grundlage für ein Verbluten nach Beschuss Script // Abfragen: private["_bleedoutmsgshwn", "_dmg", "_dmgPerTick", "_timeToDeath", "_dmgTickSec", "_ticksToDeath"]; // Angaben: _timeToDeath = (12 * 60); _dmgTickSec = 5; // alle x Sekunden wird schaden Hinzugefügt in dem Fall alle 5 Sekunden _ticksToDeath = _timeToDeath / _dmgTickSec; _dmgPerTick = 0.76 / _ticksToDeath; // Absprungbasis 0.8, entspricht kleinerer verletzung _bleedoutmsgshwn = false; // Weitere Abfragen: while{true} do { waitUntil { damage player > 0.5 && damage player < 1.0 && (independent countSide playableUnits >= 2) }; while{(alive player && damage player >0.5)} do { life_max_health = 0.80; _dmg = damage player; if (_dmg > 0.76) then { player setDamage (_dmg + _dmgPerTick / 2); } // Kurz vor dem Sterben nimmt die Blutung etwas zu. else {player setDamage (_dmg + _dmgPerTick); }; If (!_bleedoutmsgshwn) then { hint "Achtung! Sie scheinen zu verbluten! Gehen sie umgehend in ein Krankenhaus oder benutzen sie Schmerzmittel!"; _bleedoutmsgshwn = true; }; if (_dmg >= 0.75) then { // Jetzt sieht man Verschwommen ... "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [2]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 1; }; sleep _dmgTickSec; }; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable false; }; 2. In the functions.hpp add: (If you dont have a scripts folder make one !!!) class scripts { file = "scripts"; class verbluten {}; }; 3. Go in your fn_survival.sqf and add this: [] spawn life_fnc_verbluten; at the bottom Finish !
  12. [Tutorial] Purge [Server Event] 4.4 R3

    Pls sent your client logs maybe i can find a error
  13. [Tutorial] Purge [Server Event] 4.4 R3

    Did you put the purge.ogg in the sound folder ?