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  1. Solved Solution: Dont be dumbass and put MAP into the array and spawn class not the custom name
  2. I try not to ask for help for stupid shit but i honestly not sure what is happening rn and looking for some assistance. Marker init is set correctly. This is for all 3 i have no idea what is happening. Map not compatible??? Config_SpawnPoints.hpp
  3. Introduction We founded on January 27th 2020, we are a roleplay community with serious devs, a well constructed base of staff and admins, and a very strict well put together rule set. Our aim is too get a consistent player base and to prosper as a server as the work we have put into it so far is quite mesmerizing for a vanilla Altis life server Main Features LSD Fields Uranium Ability to rob gas stations Ability to rob our bank Custom market prices Custom vehicle skins Enhanced police station Oil rig Custom rebel stores Custom Phone Tobacco Very in depth rebel and many more Server Information IP to server: Port: 2302 Discord: https://discord.gg/zXqAhR4 PM me: L. Wilson#6506
  4. this is what i thought but they dont trust me with there SQF yet thanks so much!
  5. just copy pasted a weed field put it somewhere else not working?
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