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  1. Hi ! I'm running an Altis life 5.0, I'd like medkit's (the big ones) to heal for 100%, and to be use by anyone. The problem is that any fraction (even the med's) arent able to heal an injuried man by a scroll. I don't even have an Idea where to begun. Best regards, Artur.
  2. @Hyper4u.'<3 So if I'd have put the step 1 (only) it should be good ?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to find out, how to make cop's seize the items from the ground on Altis life 5.0 ... Any ideas please ? Best Regards, Artur
  4. Hello, I'm trying to un an Altis Life RP server, (Polish version) and i need few textures for uniforms, vests and cars. I woudlike to pay for anyone work, also if you want to help in server (scripts etc.) we can figure something out ! Just PM me Best Regards, Artur.
  5. BUMP @imthatguyhere @Hyper4u.'<3 @AngryHerring ッ ®™
  6. @Wackbatt @imthatguyhere hey guys, i,ve fot the problem with description.exe line 181 ... as I red the problem is that i ve messed up with the 3rd poin „VERY BOTTOM” please define VERRY BOTTOM, may the code touch to the bottom of page or i still need to enclouse it by „;(„ ?
  7. Is this exactly the file that is originally in the pack ? Because I don't see the difference between mine ;-;, perhaps ppl infront of me see my nickname when wearing balaclava ;/
  8. Perhaprs When i Log in, the others see ONLY the Rank, I woudlike The rank + nickname
  9. It is working, can you also tell me please, where can I find this file "cfgRemoteExec.hpp" ? I can't find it and uncle Google dose not want to tell me
  10. Hello, I were looking on how to hide the nickname when someone is wearing the Balaclava or some other staff covering face (eyes or big part of face) But I can;t find the good answer
  11. Hi, Running an Altis life 5.0, on dedicated server. Trying to figure out what is the maximum icon size for Cop rank, and how to make the rank appear with nickname "[Sergeant icon] Sergeant John Blackbeard in fn_playertag Any ideas ? Best Regards, Artur
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