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  1. Hi, how to setup this landing site?
  2. Tried it after some time one more time and It works perfectly. Thanks for the script mate.
  3. Or jus download visual studio code
  4. Hi guys! I bought Mikeros Dos Tools on bytexmarket and i want to obfuscate my mission file but i don't know how. Can somebody help me and tell how to do it? Thanks
  5. I have a problem. When I die, after for about 5 seconds I teleport to the debug island. Please Help
  6. Sorry I didn't know that. So nice skin then
  7. Speedy

    Gold Ifrit

    The download link is not working.
  8. XD to karetka z World-Life
  9. Hi guys! I have a question. The question is: How to block the glitch with selling a house with an autocliker like on this video? https://youtu.be/WuqUgMNYIQE (Skip to 6:00) I will be very thankful when somebody tell me how to patch it. Thank You.
  10. But where i should put this code? I want to block it on my server.
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