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  1. Hey, I tried to do a Farming system where you have to farm via ACE Interaction on a Item (Tree, Stone). For testing i use following code: _action = ["Test", "Test", "", {hint "Hat geklappt"}, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; ["CUP_jablon", 0, [], _action, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass; This code works on every object classname, except these of trees. So there are 3 questions: 1. How can i make trees also able to get a ACE interaction? 2. How can i set the interaction to specific Objects. maybe via Object init? 3. How can i use
  2. Hey, I createt a Repairjob System by myself. When I wanted to test it, there was the Problem, that no one of the hotkeys defined in the fn_keyhandler.sqf is working anymore. This is the Code i added for the Hotkey in the fn_keyhandler: //Objekte reparieren (STRG + R) case 19: { if (_ctrlKey) then { if(player getVariable "amc_duty_stat" OR player getVariable "repairjob") then { [] spawn ylrpg_fnc_roadrepair; } else if (!(player getVariable "amc_duty_stat") AND !(player getVariable "repairjob")) then { ["Du musst dir ers
  3. So, following would be working? _amcOnline = profileNamespace getVariable "AMC_ON_DUTY_LOC"; count _amcOnline;
  4. Hello, I have this code to request a profileNamespace variable: profileNamespace getVariable "AMC_ON_DUTY_LOC"; I want now to count all players online on the server where the variable has the value 1 is this possible? Yous sincerly, Dennis
  5. okay, thank you we will try this at our server!
  6. so, do I understand this right? the script detects Autoclicker if a person does 20 or more clicks per second ?! and in this line we can tell the script to kick the person with replasing the "Logged the autoclicker..." by the Arma Command for kicking players? systemChat "Logged the autoclicker.."; //Replace this with a logging function or auto kick/ban
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