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  1. is this method still working on 5.0 with extDB3?. i try it but not working.
  2. @ToxicRageTv @Deadlesszombie This script only work if i remove this part. if (life_carryWeight < life_maxWeight) exitWith { //they don't have enough inventory space loooooool hint localize "STR_NOTF_NoRoom"; life_action_inUse = false; [true,"lootbox",1] call life_fnc_handleInv; i try to fix it by refer to other script such as fn.gather.sqf but still not working. i really need this item works for my side job quest. but it would be great if weight function is working.
  3. @ToxicRageTv It's working.. it's owesome.. thank you very much! lol.
  4. @ToxicRageTv thanks you so much. appreciated, i will try it soon.
  5. @ToxicRageTv @Deadlesszombie any idea how can i add timer before travel?. can i just add sleep to somewhere?
  6. how can i use this for a random Vitem?
  7. DausLan

    [Tutorial] Mustard Gas

    i have try and error many time but still not working.. maybe it's not working for 5.0
  8. DausLan

    [Tutorial] Mustard Gas

    What is it actually do?. just drop health?. nothing happen when i throw the smoke. and also i have edit [] execVM "scripts\zloxengas.sqf"; to this [] execVM "scripts\mustardgas.sqf";
  9. I have did like you said but it's like something is blocking the menu to come out. fn_houseMenu.sqf https://paste-me.net/kocaf fn_actionKeyHandler.sqf https://paste-me.net/qequf fn_repairDoor.sqf https://paste-me.net/qaduh
  10. HI, thank you. just got time to try this, but the website is under maintanent. will try later.. thank you again, appreciated..
  11. @GraveYard i got same issue like Aussie joker, cops can't repair the door. i have edit the location in fn.house and fn.keyhandler but now fed reserve also can't do interaction.. can u please check my file anything wrong?. fn_houseMenu.sqf https://paste-me.net/vukod fn_actionKeyHandler.sqf https://paste-me.net/domun fn_repairDoor.sqf https://paste-me.net/soyan life_server/init.sqf https://paste-me.net/okaha
  12. Thank you.. i will try that.. cheers..
  13. i have try to reposition the insure button to just next to sell button, and try add button to the vehicle shop.. but its not working.
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