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  1. Hey guys and/or girls, so i have just started up a new Malden Life modded server with some mates and all and have gone into my mission.sqm thru eden editior and have gone to spawn island and gone into all the playerable police, civs and medic factions and editied their loadout to have their own unique uniforms, weapons and some gear when they spawn in. But for some reason on the server itself none of it works and if u die and respawn you still dont get the stuff i editied you get the default arma 3 spawn in gear and all. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is and how i can get it to successfully work!!?? Thank HEAPS!!!!!
  2. @Fawks do you know how to change players spawn in clothes for certain cop rank?? Like coz i know default is U_Rangemasters and when you add textures in you can change somewhere. Do you know where the location or locations are to change?
  3. will that code make it that civ slots 1 to 11 need to have the database of donorlevel 1 and ONLY level 1?? if not can u please please correct format to say only 1
  4. can you edit the code to the correct format for me?? otherwise i will legit screw it up
  5. aright so we have used your coding and all and i guess its like 50% can you please send through your textures and stuff because it is looking for your texture names like cop_uniform_15 and like _1515 and medics are like _11 and _1111
  6. for the moment we just have the basic texture name under medic_uniform so on that pastebin code you have sent in where do i add this texture name in for us? because i see you have medic_uniform_ and like the .jpg further across so how would this work for us??
  7. Okay so i added this in had no errors but didnt set the whitelisting?? I have changed things around with the other donor levels dont interfere with PMC(my whitelisted slots and the same for PMC with donors. SO i want to make these civ_1-civ_11 slots whitelisted using the donorlevel ==1 how do i do this?? with the code you have provided. I am use to using like>=1 ==1 and not using the isEqualTo 0 etc, this never seems to work for me.
  8. how would you only whitelist certain civ_ numbers?? I only want to have like the first civ_1-11 as whitelisted and leave rest open.
  9. Hi all, so im running 5.0 framework and the callbackup and the panic button on Y menu work like a charm. Only question is, when you have to Panic Buttom on Y menu, how do you remove the scroll??
  10. how is this a big oopsie, please explain rather than saying and not telling
  11. When you spawn in you are just given the default rangemaster uniform. How can i check that the spawn in with that??
  12. Hi all, i have tried different ways of adding medicial skins in (medic_uniform) and i cant seem to get it to work with everything ive tried. i saw a post re this and followed it and tried all possible ways but still no luck. Can someone help please and thanks? fn_playerSkins.sqf
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