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  1. The problem is solved. Apparently I had too fat fingers when adding code in to fn_fuelLBChange.sqf, which broke the script and made everything default. Another lesson learned!
  2. Update: Nothing in latest installment of Company-System is causing any problems. But still no info about vehicles and the prices in shops...
  3. I've added different skins to cars to test them out. There's no custom vehicles showing up in the list now, and no info or price showing in the shop. I just discovered that it's the same thing with all air vehicles as well. If I put e.g. a Hummingbird police helicopter at the top of its class and colours, everyone gets that helicopter...both civs and meds. I've been trying to figure this one out for some time now, but honestly don't know where to look anymore. Oh yeah, I also recently installed Company-System from The-Programmer which included changes to the database and @Lifeserver...
  4. For some reason only the first colour model of every vehicle is available in all the shops. Civilian, medic or cop shops have the same problem not selling anything else than the first colour in every class in the shop. For example, civilians can choose only red SUV or red Hatchback and so on. There is no error reported in server rpt or client, so I can't figure this one out. Ideas anyone? Config_Vehicles.hpp
  5. And now, when I insert that code in to my init box, my server restarts over and over and over again...blargh
  6. I only mentioned that it was the wrong code for flags, didn't post that code
  7. It's not needed, still works. But that command is for signs, not flags.
  8. Anybody around here that know how to get custom texture on flags? I have tried using: this SetFlagTexture "images\norhaven_flag.jpg" but my server can't find that file when logging on. The file is placed in altis.life.altis\images\norhaven_flag.jpg I know about the file sizes, but is there anything wrong with my init command? Can I use any flag, or does it have to be an empty flagpole?
  9. And that puts the texture on the flagpole, not the flag...
  10. That one works perfect on my 5.0. Thanks, all of you.
  11. I really want to buy a fully fledged Bleeding system for Altis Life 5.0 and extdb3. Where should I go?
  12. Thanks for sharing this, works perfect on 5.0!
  13. Is there any way to go about regarding setting a timer on restraining players? As it is now, you can be restrained in a second by someone just passing you.
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