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  1. Thanks for sharing this, works perfect on 5.0!
  2. Is there any way to go about regarding setting a timer on restraining players? As it is now, you can be restrained in a second by someone just passing you.
  3. Script works perfect on my dedicated 5.0 server. Thanks for sharing
  4. It finally works in 5.0 after putting a class one level up in Keyfinder. Thanks for answering my scream for help And thank you @Snipes Murphy for sharing this!
  5. Yes, but I can't place down the object...with any key. I'm using the 46=C key, and it's not used for anything else in the game.
  6. So it's confirmed, this DOES work on 5.0.
  7. It won't work on ver. 5.0 as it is. You can get hold of the items to place, but there doesn't seem to be anyone who knows how to fix the release problem. I've looked in to the key code and for me it is indeed 46 = C...but C doesn't respond.
  8. Works perfect on 5.0, thanks @Repentz
  9. Sorry for my absence, but yes...I was referring to "working scripts" section. Thanks for clearifying that for me @imthatguyhere 😊
  10. Is this forum still being moderated/updated?
  11. Thanks for this script, @5fspxtyw.yxi, works perfect!
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