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  1. JakeOnPcOnAlienWear

    [Tutorial] 4.4r4 Steam UID Playertags

    I'll give it a try.
  2. JakeOnPcOnAlienWear

    [Tutorial] 4.4r4 Steam UID Playertags

    I'm having the same issue. Not sure whats going on.
  3. JakeOnPcOnAlienWear


    Hello all, I'm a really big noob at the stuff but im trying to lean slowly with gui's. I made a new gui for altis and its the spawn selection. But for some reason the RscMapControl don't work as planned. Like the map is on the gui and everything but when i click a spawn like rasmon the map doesn't move over rasmon if you get what i mean. Sorry for shit grammar and explanation. PasteBin Thanks in advance for anyone that help me out !
  4. JakeOnPcOnAlienWear


    How come most of the topics i cant view or anything ?