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  1. Hi, thanks for answering When I finish stealing and he has given me the money, the rob the gas station option does not appear but after 10-15 minutes have passed the option if he appears but does not let me do anything. It does not disconnect me from the server, I can continue online
  2. I have one problem please help me... I can only steal the same store once
  3. Hello, I am totally new in installing servers ... a few days ago I installed version 5.0.0 without any problems but decided to change because the free "robstore" and "robatm" scripts did not work for 5.0.0 and I read in Comments that worked for older versions of altis life if they worked. But now I can not install the server 4.4r3 correctly when I enter the server I get the message "Setting up client, please wait" Thanks to everybody and check sorry for my english... MY RPT:
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