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  1. no i solve everything thank you for reply have a nice day ^^
  2. hi i have some questions i make 5 license for civ class and i want to sell class license in regular order ex) class1->class2->class3 https://pastebin.com/Ci12viwQ this is my npc who sell class license pls give me some help
  3. i know the default option of spawn screen background is black but my background is noting so i want to make it black again anyone know what i need to fix? sry for my bad english
  4. i said wrong not blink just not wokring nothing happened
  5. i have some problem blindfold is not working player can see a text of blindfold (you have been blidnfold) and blank screen just blink one time my rpt is clean can you help me?
  6. i use cba_A3 mod now but it cause when i get revive than my weapon scope get disappear i think this is the hint and i need to fix fn_loadgear
  7. well... thank you for think about my problem
  8. i have a two qeustion about it i know there is a item for raw_meat and meat then it mean i can cook meat but how? in other server have campfire for set up and i want to increase turtle reapwn how can i do? thank you for you guys reply and sorry for my english
  9. i want to put humming bird both "civ air shop" and "civ rebel shop" but i don't know how set price different if i put two hummingbird classs and give another lisence and price than i get a error message (it say you put a same class twice ) so anybody can help me? here is my config_vehicle https://pastebin.com/kih0UrY1 sorry for my english
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