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  1. Franco, I'm Michael... I did all the yout steps in topic Dynamic Airdrop... So my mission version is And I don't know what the error! When I log in my server I wait for 1 hour and nothin happens, I tried with debug console and nothin.. Should this script works in Do you have another way to edit this?

  2. soory - I should have posted that I had already resolved it.
  3. @!TS JORDAN Hey Jordan - I get this error - cfgremoteexec.hpp /cfgRemoteExec/Functions.life fnc bountyReceive: Member already defined. Under client I have the below F(life_fnc_bountyHunterReceive,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyList,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_markers,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter F(life_fnc_bountyReceive,CLIENT)//Bountyhunter any ideas?
  4. @Neon change your keyhandler as per below //O Key case 24: { if(_shift) then { [] call life_fnc_fadeSound; _handled = true; }; }; make a new file called fn_fadeSound.sqf into your functionsfolder #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" life_fadeSound = !life_fadeSound; if (life_fadeSound) then { 1 fadeSound 0.1; call life_fnc_hudUpdate; } else { 1 fadeSound 1; call life_fnc_hudUpdate; }; in your configuration.sqf add life_fadeSound = false; below life_seatbelt = false;
  5. @Repentz all sorted - thank you A+
  6. Cheers - I now have the HUD working, but cannot toggle the earplugs.. My Keyhandler as follows; //O Key case 24: { if (_shift) then { if !(soundVolume isEqualTo 1) then { 1 fadeSound 1; systemChat localize "STR_MISC_soundnormal"; } else { 1 fadeSound 0.1; systemChat localize "STR_MISC_soundfade"; }; }; };
  7. @Repentz how did you get the Sound Icon to come on? did you call Hud Update on the Keyhandler for fadeSound?
  8. You do have the files - check the below location 0 assuming you have extracted the PBO. Check the script carefully and make sure you extract the HUD files into your textures folder and point the scripts to the new location LIFEctrl(IDC_LIFE_BAR_WATER_RING) ctrlSetText "VindicateAssets\images\textures\HUD\water0.paa"; to this LIFEctrl(IDC_LIFE_BAR_WATER_RING) ctrlSetText "\Altis_Life.Altis\textures\HUD\water0.paa"; files location: \Altis_Life.Altis\dialog\hud_stats.hpp \Altis_Life.Altis\core\functions\fn_hudUpdate.sqf \Altis_Life.Altis\core\functions\fn_hudSetup.sqf If you do not have speakers and seatbelts scripts then do the below //#define IDC_LIFE_BAR_Speaker 3007 //#define IDC_LIFE_BAR_SeatBelt 4203
  9. @Sneox20 NOPE - JUST OVERWRITE YOUR FILES AS PER THE ABOVE - BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU HAVE YOUR HUD FILES "VindicateAssets\images\textures\HUD\earplugsN.paa";
  10. love it - implemented on my test server...works with v5.0
  11. have you noticed in default arma - when carrying a box or SDV it sometimes falls off...
  12. nice script - works. Thank you for sharing
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