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  1. hi i need help about this i want to do something like this if player have this Variable (blah) & side is west then if other players side in west and in distance of 50 from unit whit Variable (blah) then { ..............};
  2. hi so im looking for some custom work 1 bounty split 2 car mod shop 3 jail system 4 housing system if you know anyone or you are good dev send me pm
  3. did this https://sqfbin.com/ujukalusehumaquzuzab and in databse its save this "[`U_Rangemaster`,``,``,``,``,[`ItemMap`,`ItemCompass`,`ItemWatch`,`ItemGPS`],[[`30Rnd_9x21_Mag`,30],[`30Rnd_9x21_Mag`,15]],`SMG_02_ACO_F`,``,[`30Rnd_9x21_Mag`,`30Rnd_9x21_Mag`],[],[],[],[],[],[``,``,`optic_ACO_grn_smg`,``],[``,``,``,``],[]]"
  4. so dose anyone know anything about it im use this { magazinesAmmo } instead of {magazines} its save to database but cant lode gears and stuck at loding one of this files ( fn_loadGear.sqf || fn_handleItem.sqf )need change and idk Which or what need change and ty
  5. Error MariaDBQueryException: Unknown column 'insure' in 'field list' you not add it to Database ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// copy this and pase it in this site http://arma.imthatguyhere.com/bom/ then Run this query in your SQL Database: ALTER TABLE vehicles ADD insure INT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
  6. hmmmm yah thats right but if he see files he can learn from them thats how i learn something chek this Files File:life_server fn_wantedBounty.sqf File: fn_arrestAction.sqf and for jail split you have to do something like this if ((playerSide isEqualTo west) && (player distance (getMarkerPos "your send to jail maker name ") < 150)) then { your cod here };
  7. my suggestion is just pay someone ho can make it for you
  8. What I realized is you wan slot 1 to 4 only for rank 7 and 5 to 7 for rank 6 or slot 1 rank 7 slot 2 rank 6 and ..... ??? is that what you want ??
  9. hello try this if ((str(player) in ["cop_1"]) && (FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) < 7) ) then { ["NotWhitelisted",false,true] call BIS_fnc_endMission; sleep 35; }; or if ((str(player) in ["cop_1"]) && (FETCH_CONST(life_coplevel) != 7) ) then { ["NotWhitelisted",false,true] call BIS_fnc_endMission; sleep 35; };
  10. so i want to remove Licenses by btn so i try this _Btn1 buttonSetAction "[1] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_removeLicenses",life_pInact_curTarget] ; closeDialog 0;"; _Btn2 buttonSetAction "[2] remoteExecCall ["life_fnc_removeLicenses",life_pInact_curTarget] ; closeDialog 0;"; but keep saying missing ; Does anyone know what the problem is ?? Did I do it right? ty
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