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  1. how can i add Armed Caesar BTT i try it in editor but i wan it to when players buy plane weapon add to it ?
  2. im using 5 i try that but if shutdown server civ have to spawn agen its save in db but ......
  3. any one know how can i buy things directly whit bank like gun car and ...... i try it for gun shop .but i want to use cash first but if i put cash in my budy nothing hapening this is my code
  4. hi do do you want to open atm any time you want ??? i test this one 5 but should work on 4 put this in File: fn_keyHandler.sqf you cab find it in core/functions case 1: { [] call life_fnc_atmMenu; }; now if you press 2 you can open atm any time you want
  5. i dont read whole post but see this and this is not for 4
  6. anyone know where can i find this gun shop script ? is it possible to make it buy gul ?
  7. this is amazing and beautiful And very lovely👍
  8. thanks for help i fix size problem. i download new altis life and install this sceript agen and When I buy car or heli its spawn and i get key but cant store it in garage cops cant Identify the owner and when they press search Registration system delete Vehicle and Vehicle back to the garage after restart -- so I just change fn_vehicleShopBuyDebit and add this _vehicle setVariable ["trunk_in_use",false,true]; _vehicle setVariable ["vehicle_info_owners",[[getPlayerUID player,profileName]],true]; under [_vehicle,"vehicle_info_owners",[[getPlayerUID player,profileName]],true] remoteExecCall ["TON_fnc_setObjVar",RSERV]; its work now Look at this file, Is that good now ? fn_vehicleShopBuyDebit:
  9. You should make a basic tutorial on this since there is not one on here for it.
  10. thanks alot man i add it to to a key and its work but where can i find this
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