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  1. I actually do have the same issue @ToFFuPL and @imthatguyhere. Any fix? This is the error i get and yes i am running 5.0: 9:17:58 "Error: No vehicle - withdrew $0 from their gang bank. Gang Bank Balance: $10,000 Bank Balance: $0 On Hand Balance: $0"
  2. Basicly you have to build it from scratch. But that way you can make it more personal.
  3. @imthatguyhere It didn't sadly. The Medikit allows a medic to recover someone to the fully 100% and i would like the ability of civs and cops use it to recover themselves to 100%. But cant figure out how to set that up.
  4. Works like a charm on 5.0 ❤️ thanks
  5. So i am trying to make it so that the Medikit can be used by civillians and cops as well. Can anyone lead me in the right direction on how to do this? Or show me the location where to set this up? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I am trying to remove / block the following menu in altis life 5.0: Anyone who could tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance! ❤️
  7. I actually followed everything step by step and even after i couldnt get it to work used your pbo which you posted a few posts earlier but i get this: I am able to spawn but Community name and setting up client stay in the middle of the screen. No errors in RTP
  8. I actually did what you said @Deadlesszombie but it give me a message "the amount entered isnt a numeric value." @Pesoen it is located AltisLife > Dialog > Function
  9. Hi Vliek, If i would like to remove ammunition from a specific vehicle, for example the Shikra, could you explain me how to do that?
  10. i changed it in the West line like following: case west: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, cop_licenses, coplevel, cop_gear, blacklist, cop_stats, ctulevel playtime FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];}; As we have added a additional level specially for the cops. Now we get this error in the RTP files when a player spawns in. ___________________________________________________________ 11:57:54 Error in expression <) isEqualTo _uid) exitWith { _x set [1, _time_gathered]; _x set [2, time]; }; } > 11:57:54 Error position: <_time_gathered]; _x set [2, time]; }; } > 11:57:54 Error Undefined variable in expression: _time_gathered 11:57:54 File \life_server\Functions\PlayTime\fn_setPlayTime.sqf [TON_fnc_setPlayTime], line 24 ____________________________________________________________ If we add a " , " behind ctulevel (our new level) it wont fix the issue. If we remove ctulevel it does fix the issue. Any guess whats going wrong here?
  11. If i would like to show the DB UID instead of the Steam UID. How would i do that? What do i need to change?
  12. That is true i would like to have a script or some help. currently if you are in a gunner seat and you shoot someone he won’t get damage and the chat tells that the guy has been ran over. I would like to have it so that if ran over you won’t get damage but people in the gunner seat still being able to damage other vehicles / players with their weapons.
  13. I got it setup including the marker and it is fully working. But got a problem / bug. When you die within the next 10 minutes the timer doesnt start from the beginnen and the marker wont update all the time. You guys know a way to fix it?
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