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  1. Ok so when people jump off a small ledge from a house it hurts them. When they try heal the hud doesn't go backup the full bar
  2. @HappyDuckie I added Dynmarket & its starting doing what he said above ^^
  3. @Mads Timm Should look like this This is the very end of Functions.hpp
  4. You have not put the folder zipties into core/
  5. @Wackbatt i must of placed it wrong because vehicle interaction menu not working now
  6. Fixed all errors interaction menu dont show tho
  7. getting this after i fixed the first issue This error below has never occurred before until i tried adding this script Warning Message: File mpmissions\Testy6.Takistan\description.ext, line 173: /CfgFunctions/: Missing '}' Class Life_RscText destroyed with lock count 9 Class Life_RscStructuredText destroyed with lock count 2 Class Life_RscButtonMenu destroyed with lock count 1 Class Life_RscProgress destroyed with lock count 1
  8. @Wackbatt it won't connect to db since i added no errors whats so ever
  9. i meant 21 sorry so where would i place the !(player getVariable ["ziptied",false]) _interactionKey = if (count (actionKeys "User10") isEqualTo 0) then {219} else {(actionKeys "User10") select 0};_mapKey = (actionKeys "ShowMap" select 0);//hint str _code;_interruptionKeys = [17,30,31,32]; //A,S,W,D
  10. Oh na because i download from the github in the winrar it does. This is my line 19 to 21 _interactionKey = if (count (actionKeys "User10") isEqualTo 0) then {219} else {(actionKeys "User10") select 0}; _mapKey = (actionKeys "ShowMap" select 0); //hint str _code; _interruptionKeys = [17,30,31,32]; //A,S,W,D
  11. my line 19 in keyhandler is _mapKey = (actionKeys "ShowMap" select 0);
  12. y no spawn locations showing up?
  13. Zare are good https://zare.com/dedicated-servers
  14. Any idea of this error? Creation of object C Alpha 4-1:1 (Harry Pebble) (civ_3) failed, state MISSION ASKED Client: Nonnetwork object 53852040. Client: Nonnetwork object 5022e1c0. Ref to nonnetwork object C Alpha 4-1:1 (Jimmy Pel) (civ_3) Ref to nonnetwork object C Alpha 4-1:1 (Jimmy Pel) (civ_3) Ref to nonnetwork object C Alpha 4-1:1 (Jimmy Pel) (civ_3)
  15. i used my old @life_server and stiill works fine for me. only issue having now when try robbing bank it just stuck on taking money
  16. Issue fixed reverted back before 1.64 update
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