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  1. @john_65wadwada654 it still shows the same error message. Even knowing we are now trying a completely fresh install of the mission file arma3server_2019-09-27_19-53-25.rpt
  2. Hello all, Recently I've had our server up for a while and it all seemed fine. Yet we checked recently and everything seemed to have imploded. We have reinstalled everything, reverted back and still nothing. So far it looks like "18:05:45 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f" but we don't know how to fix that/whats happened. Here's the full RPT logs: arma3server_2019-09-27_18-05-36.rpt
  3. @waren pumba you'd add a RscPicture in the background class for instance I have this set up for my player_inv.hpp You'd have to find the positioning yourself or use the GUI editor.
  4. Alright, I've seen posts like this from you and I have said before, look through the files and try to understand the code and figure out how you can use it in your own code. Keep practising and learn how to do the things you want. To start you off look at fn_safeInventory.sqf and all the other safe related scripts found in mission file >> dialog >> functions. Regards, Wallace
  5. Has it always been like that? Have you changed anything within the Y menu/dialog files? Is it possible that you can submit your RPT logs?
  6. Have you defined the civ and reblevels to be called upon? Check your "fn_queryRequest.sqf" in Life_Server and look for something under case civilian: {format ["SELECT pid, name, cash, bankacc, adminlevel, donorlevel, civ_licenses, arrested, civ_gear, civ_stats, civ_alive, civ_position, playtime FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid];}; basically you'd have to add your database levels to the side you want it to be. You'd add "civlevel" between "playtime" and "From..." Should look like playtime, civLevel FROM There's a tutorial on doing it here:
  7. @grimLad you'd simply change the case number to whatever key you'd want it You can find them here:
  8. No matter what I've always seen a VDM script follow this same code: After getting this in you would have to alter it or create your own version. Considering I've looked at dozens of websites most, if not all, VDM codes are the same/similar to this as it does work. Found at :
  9. Are you sure your gangs save to the database? The leader should have the gang after they leave due to when they create the gang their SteamID is saved as the owner for example (Not going to show full ID): If they don't get saved you can try resetting your database/checking the profile permissions to see if it was something there (For instance I had a problem with vehicles not saving after a server restart and it was due to the arma profile not having the right permissions to edit the vehicles "alive" state. (Could be wrong for all I know but give it a try)
  10. Then remove the line (_shop remove Action _action) that I quoted and it should stay there but you'll have to code in something to give a notification about the gas station was recently robbed etc. Just mess around a bit and figure out what works and what doesn't
  11. I just realised that I have the same issue but I believe it's because this line _shop removeAction _action; around line 26. You could comment it out or just remove it but I think that will allow a robber to constantly rob the store over and over. However, mrkrakens robbery script does reset after a while, not too sure how long but I'd say around 10-20 minutes the action comes back. Therefore, it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  12. Have you tried waiting a while? (might reset after a while) most likely will not, if so does anything show up in the RPT logs before and/or after robbing the gas station? I imagine your using mrkraken's gas robbery?
  13. Can use this script as it seems to do the same as what your trying to accomplish; "If the player is attempting to buy something from a shop, and they have enough money on-hand, the shop will take their cash. If they don't have that money on their person, but they have it in their bank account, that money is taken instead and they will also be charged extra in Tax (if it is enabled on the server)."
  14. I mean with the first google search i found this: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/175660-tutorial-server-side-scripting/ (Don't know if it'll even work) but if your looking to protect your scripts use ObfuSQF (https://bytex.market/products/item/arpc3ydo0qbxbufuncdh/ObfuSQF) sure it can be decrypted but most Arma 3 players can barely drag and drop files. Furthermore, missions files should be around 40-80MB and takes like 5 minutes on really bad internet (Trust me I know that) If you have larger than like 100-120MB I'd suggest removing excessive amount of textures or addons etc. Regards, Wallace
  15. To be honest not too sure about this, but I think you have to set up your own system/process to get "cooked" meat (I'm not aware of a vanilla system as my server removed animals) this could be done by a simple processor or as you suggested a campfire. You could also add your own equivalent of cooked food such as roast rabbit or whatever animal. Furthermore, I don't think you can edit amount of animals at a time due to it being a local client and I'm pretty sure the server limits it somewhere. I also wouldn't suggest adding more animals to the map.
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