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  1. Kureo

    [5.0] New Progress HUD

    Updated DOWNLOAD LINK, with some fix
  2. Kureo

    [5.0] New Progress HUD

    Than past this: while {true} do { sleep 1; [] call life_fnc_hudUpdate; }; before this diag_log "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"; diag_log format [" End of Altis Life Server Init :: Total Execution Time %1 seconds ",(diag_tickTime) - _timeStamp]; diag_log "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------";
  3. Kureo

    [5.0] New Progress HUD

    @Hannkok Go in new_HUD.hpp and make sure the first class is named new_HUD and not Zazza1
  4. Kureo

    [5.0] New Progress HUD

    I've updated the post, redownload the new_HUD folder and follow step 7
  5. Kureo

    [5.0] New Progress HUD

    Authors: Kureo & Zalac Updated by: Kureo Difficulty: Easy Version: Tested on 5.0 (Could work on 4.4) (special thanks to @Danny by Daylight) How to install the new_HUD: Step 1: Download the new_HUD folder: DOWNLOAD HERE Step 2: Go to core/functions and replace (fn_hudUpdate.sqf) and (fn_hudSetup.sqf) with fn_hudUpdate.sqf, fn_hudSetup.sqf, in new_HUD folder! Step 3: Go to dialog folder and put in the new_HUD.hpp file Step 4: Go into description.ext and put under Class RscTitles, this #include "dialog\new_HUD.hpp" comment //#include "dialog\hud_stats.hpp" Step 5: Go into dialog folder, open MasterHandler.hpp and #include "new_HUD.hpp" comment //#include "hud_stats.hpp" Step 6: Put the icons in my folder into the icon folder Step 7: Go to init.sqf, under } count ["gang_area_1","gang_area_2","gang_area_3"]; paste this while {true} do { sleep 1; [] call life_fnc_hudUpdate; }; *UPDATED: (new_HUD.hpp) and (fn_hudUpdate.sqf) Enjoy!
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