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  1. I really am getting sick and tired of this drama and wish to longer be involved (why I stopped commenting here) however I will not standby and be attacked and continue have lies spread about my name with out defending myself so I will address your comments about me below. 1. If this is true please provide evidence instead of making up lies, I have never admin abused other then the incident i refer to below which was a tp to my house and didnt affect anyone unlike what you have been accused of. Also at the time I was only a tier 3 detonator 2. We have never banned anyone without evidence so please do not make such an accusation and yes generally speaking when someone is perm banned from our game server they are banned everywhere else as is our protocol, besides most perm bans are not appeal-able anyway. In the paragraph below I also bring up how you did this eaxct thing though 3. Unfortunately another thing that just is not true (already mentioned below) however at the time of your server being created none of our players where banned. 4. These videos are defiantly not the minority and you are creating them yourself, anyone who looks at your twitch stream can see that this is a pretty common occurrence (which you'll probably go and delete them all now) from godmoding, tping, esp, map icons, spectating and spawning stuff in. To clarify once and for all the incident your referring to (which you were not involved with at all) started when I gave a strike to someones gang member for intentionally shooting a unarmed civ in the face while playing as a cop (for the 2nd time). Instead of acknowledging his mistake and just taking the strike his gang member decided to accuse me of targeting his friend and said that they wanted me banned for it. After they didn't get me banned but somehow got the strike removed they started following me everywhere I went recording me and spreading lies about me to all the players, Eventually a day later they try reporting me for admin abuse (they actually only had one clip that was admin abuse which was me teleporting from black market to my house, which while it wasn't right it saved me only a mere 2 seconds and did not affect anyone else) while they were reporting me to the head staff they thought it would be a smart idea to curse out another staff member which you can watch below. After the owners reviewed the footage and saw that it was not admin abuse they choose not to ban me which resulted in this kids gang leaving the server. Fast forward a couple of days and we found out that our staff team was advertising/running another server (your server) behind everyone's back and poaching our players, upon further review we noticed you guys copied all our rules, sops, application templates heck even the application examples and the god damn team speak layout. Anyone who was caught advertising was banned and the staff members involved were allowed to pick where they wanted to be staff, we did not ban anyone who did not break rules. Once you guys started telling each other we found out members of our staff including medic and pd teams attempted to delete/destroy all the posts on our forums and as a result were perm banned. Okay now other then the occasional player poaching and ddos attacks/threats we figured we were done with you guys but then you tried recruiting inside our player base again, this time right before we were set to release a big update that we worked very hard on for a long time, once we realized there were a couple of players who where spreading untrue claims of admin abuse as well as breaking numerous other rules we gave them a warning to stop, they did not and as a result were removed for starting drama/trolling including advertising and other rule breaks. But wait there is more, a couple of us went to go play on your server for a little bit during this time a friend of our was in your teamspeak and heard you guys not only talking shit about us but reading off our load outs and giving away our positions by using map icons and spawning smoke onto us, and heard you admitting to giving your friends lots of money. (lots of other stuff happened including you making up rules in sidechat that we had to follow such as "one tbag per person" and reviving cops that we killed, also happend in the video above. However im not going to take the time to list off everything just the major ones) such as your staff allowing players to harass us during a support case, reporting you for RDMing a helicopter with a grenade launcher, getting our cars we stole deleted mid police chase and then when we reported you for teleporting a car full of your friends to BM (its important to mention that this is your second offense because we were told when we reported you the first time that you would be punished for your second offense) when instead you and another head staff members of yours moved into a separate channel and then perm banned us all for "trolling", then finally after we got banned one of your gang members came to our teamspeak accused us of hacking on your server and then threatened to hack our server and show up at my house. Im not expecting a response nor am I looking to reply again or start drama. Im just trying to set the record straight because I think its unfair that you are allowed to make accusations against me with out evidence but I cant do the same. To the forum moderators Im truly sorry if this post broke any rules please feel free to delete it if you feel it is necessary, I am simply trying to defend my self after being attacked unfairly and without evidence.
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