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  1. A little update, the server is live and open for everyone for testing purposes. Hop on in and test things out, if you find bugs or have good suggestions for us, we'll reward you! Server IP: ugs-eu-germany-3.armahosts.com:2332 Discord: Discord.me/MaldenLifeRP
  2. Followed tutorial, crashes my entire game when launching into the server.
  3. Alongside ArmaHosts.com we are currently developing a new roleplay server filled with fun features and constant roleplay action. We have perfectly adjusted rules to avoid them restricting roleplay and a staff team with thousands of hours in Arma roleplay. Server IP: ugs-eu-germany-3.armahosts.com Port: 2332 Discord: Join for updates and bug/playtests. Steam Group | Twitter Page | ArmaHosts NOTE: Server is currently in heavy development! Current Features: 250k Starting Money (50k at launch) Server Based on Malden Military Police Comba
  4. Hey, I followed your tutorial and did everything but I am unable to use bolt cutters on the vault building and also buying houses no longer works. And also my RPT logs are constantly spammed with this: https://pastebin.com/Qm3ZiRW5 Thank you in advance! fn_boltcutter.sqf fn_blastingCharge.sqf fn_houseMenu.sqf fn_actionKeyHandler.sqf
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