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  1. Btw the dialog first show when i use a bandage do you know how to fix so it its there when i first spawn in?
  2. Check up on Step 7: you type "fn_bankTransfer.sqf" two times :)
  3. This is not done.. Dosent work..
  4. Does the script work on 5.0 ?
  5. I know it is that Line that gives me the Money, but i do now know what to replace it whit..
  6. I have this bank script but i have one problem... I want to get goldbars instead of money/cash, so the bank robbers, go up and sell the gold bars to a trader:) So i hope someone can help me whit getting goldbars instead of money ❤️ i can also upload the script fn_robfederal.sqf
  7. Have anybody testet this on 5.0?
  8. I think you have to rewrite the tutorial the file you say i have to edit, dosent match upi whit to content that should be in it
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