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  1. We're getting an IPS suite website very soon, we used the Wix website whilst we got off the ground and made sure there was a demand for Tanoa life.
  2. I get you and yeah i could have tried to contact you, but at the time it wasn't me who banned you it was another admin who was just doing their job really. They saw a duper and banned them. I applied some context after the ban as you had spoke to me last night and made the ultimate decision to let it stay as i tried to talk to you about it but didn't get a response about it really but rather what seemed to be a shoe in the door for a staff role. I appreciate I might be the first person to ban you for it but i doubt i'll be the last if that is your general MO. Information is key and I can only act on what I have at the time and the little info I had told me i should play the safe card and ban you. Sorry it played out this way but it is what it is now.
  3. look as far as i'm concerned my staff and i made the right decision. The whole situation seemed off, someone came on our server instantly duped, gave very little info about it then offer to help with fixes and scripts. Yeah you might have not spread it about or spent it but you weren't forthcoming at all so when my admins banned you i let it stay. For me all, i know is i had a duper who was not providing me with info at all but seemed to be trying to get himself on board as staff or something similar. After 18 hours of doing the initial dupe i except some form of "i did it by...2. and "i got this much money" after i directly asked for more info. Apologies if this is not the case but i'm sure you can see why i would think so. I'm not saying this to slander you in any way, i'm just explaining my point of view. Whats done is done however, next time i would advise providing more information about what you have done or just pre-warn staff on servers before you start duping and actually tell them what you've done and how much you got.
  4. yeah i would expect an abnormal amount of money but i also expect you to answer my questions when i ask you about it not to offer scripting services instead of answers. that just sets alarm bells off for me. I certainly wouldn't just log off and go to bed after i duped £6.8m on a server where thats about 45 hours of doing the best run. Waste 2 mins of my time asking a question vs duping my on my server, which would you think i would prefer ? tested it to £6.8m and stopped, after the first dupe you should have stopped not bringing in gamebreaking amounts of money. As i said had you answered my questions and been more forthcoming when i asked them this could have been avoided but you didn't and another admin looked over your account and did their job. Also its not like you accidentally stumbled upon it, but rather went looking for it. "from my experience I do know a few exploits so I decided to try a few to see if they worked" My admins are told dupers, hackers and glitchers are instant bans as they should be and that is what they did. After they banned you they informed me and i thought about unbanning you but again, as you didn't provide any further info but rather asked to do scripting work or work for me, alarm bells were set off and i let the ban stay.
  5. Well lets add some context here, 1. you join my server and instantly start to test dupes 2. yes i could have googled it but i directly asked you what it was and you never replied to me 3. one of my admins saw your bank balance and instantly banned you and rightly so. they were aware of what you said to me but not of your bank balance as you never mentioned it to me whatsoever, 4. its not that i did nothing about it but i work full time and develop the server in my spare time. When you messaged me i was busy irl and hadn't had a chance to look into the bug you mentioned as i was busy with other things. 5. you offer to do scripting for me, yet the first thing you did was start testing dupes rather than asking if i had done patches or was aware of them ? As far as i'm concerned my admin did the right thing to ban you on the spot as he rightly saw you had duped a significantly large amount of money for my server, which you could not have made legit if you tired in the time that the server has been active for. As i said, had you told me you had the cash on you i would have removed it there and then and you wouldn't have been banned but you kept quiet about it even after i asked you for more info.
  6. After several months of development and testing ReduxRP is proud to present our Tanoa Life server. Bored of the bleak and over repeated look of Altis? Come to Tanoa and do your runs through jungles or in the crystal blue ocean. Take a heli tour of the Archipelago checking out the Cities, towns and villages, volcano, jungles and smaller islands. Hike through the jungle to find ancient hidden temples ! Rob a bank or two... We currently have a staff team and faction leads/members from launch so are able to offer a full service from day one, however that being said we are recruiting for Medics and Police. Staff Positions will be opened when the server has found its feet. We aim to provide a strong role play environment to allow everyone to enjoy themselves. Check out our website at: https://www.reduxrp.com/ Join us on our Discord at: https://discord.gg/ak9Vc5b Current Features: Custom Skins for factions and civs, Whitelisted Police and Medic slots, Police ANPR, Custom HUD, Capturable Gang Areas, Basic and Advanced Rebel Teirs, Zipties, Group Hexagons, Tazer Weapons, Several Runs and Money Making Methods, Bank Robberies, Petrol Station Robberies, Federal Reserve, Scaled Paycheck System For Factions, Towing (For Factions), Radiation zone with Urainium Rescource Gathering, Pub with Slot Machines, Alcohol + Effects and Weed + Effects Key Cutting In The Chop Shop Insurance system Server Events Planned Updates: Bleedout System To Include: NPC Medic With The Ability To Drag Downed Players And Put Them In Vehicles, Talent Tree, Craftable Vehicles and weapons, Governance System, Oil Rigs/Platforms To Expand Into Water Based Runs, Plantable/Farmable Resources, And Much More... We have so much to offer, along with being one of the few (if not the only) UK/EU Tanoa Life servers. There are plenty of planned updates, server events and content to come in the following months. We hope to see you online ! Note 1: Massive thanks to the AltislifeRPG community for the help in creating the server with guides and advice. Note 2: I'll add some screenshots when i'm home from work later
  7. brilliant, cheers buddy i'll give that a shot ! from what it looks like its not finding that specific information of the vehicles so hopefully this is it.
  8. Hi, i've been working through the insurance tutorial and have worked through it twice now. Both times i got the same errors across my server and client .rpt logs and ingame which are below; In game issue: no vehicle prices or information and when you choose a retrieve/sell/ensure option you get the "The selection had a error" message. I assumed this comes from the client .rpt "zero divisor and LifeCgfVehicles" errors which are; 16:05:30 ": LifeCfgVehicles class doesn't exist" 16:05:30 Wrong text element 'null' 16:05:30 Wrong text element 'null' 16:05:30 Wrong text element 'null' 16:05:30 Wrong text element 'null' 16:05:30 Error in expression <call life_fnc_numberText, (_vehicleInfo select 8), (_vehicleInfo select 11), (_v> 16:05:30 Error position: <select 8), (_vehicleInfo select 11), (_v> 16:05:30 Error Zero divisor 16:05:30 File dialog\function\fn_garageLBChange.sqf [life_fnc_garageLBChange], line 135 16:05:41 Error in expression <["B_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F",0,<null>]> 16:05:41 Error position: <<null>]> 16:05:41 Error Invalid number in expression 16:05:41 Error in expression <["B_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F",0,<null>]> 16:05:41 Error position: <<null>]> 16:05:41 Error Invalid number in expression Arma3_x64_2019-04-28_16-02-30.rpt Server.rpt error: 14:50:57 Error in expression <\fn_insureCar.sqf [TON_fnc_insureCar]" ? private["_vid","_pid","_query","_> 14:50:57 Error position: <? private["_vid","_pid","_query","_> 14:50:57 Error Invalid number in expression 14:50:57 File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_insureCar.sqf [TON_fnc_insureCar], line 1 14:50:57 Error in expression <\fn_insureCar.sqf [TON_fnc_insureCar]" ? private["_vid","_pid","_query","_> 14:50:57 Error position: <? private["_vid","_pid","_query","_> 14:50:57 Error Invalid number in expression 14:50:57 File \life_server\Functions\Systems\fn_insureCar.sqf [TON_fnc_insureCar], arma3server_x64_2019-04-28_14-50-45.rpt I've had a good lo ok around and tried the fixes mentioned in the tutorial and to see if i can see anything amiss I've had no luck so far. A further point to note is i can store vehicles button cannot do anything with them once they're in the garage. Database seems to be working fine also. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated, fn_garageLBChange (3).sqffn_insureCar.sqf Arma3_x64_2019-04-28_16-02-30.rpt
  9. i cant do that now as im about to go off for the night but if your happy we can do that tomorrow ?
  10. ill be upgrading to full infistar soon so hopefully that'll fix it then
  11. @XaFlaForo this is so easy and fast to install! nice work man, looks sleak ingame, i do have the multiple message spam for pay cheques however though nothing i can see in the server .rpt but the client .rpt spams 21:26:02 Error Generic error in expression 21:26:02 Error in expression <} else { life_atmbank = life_atmbank + (call life_paycheck); systemChat format [> arma3server_x64_2019-04-23_21-01-08.rpt Arma3_x64_2019-04-23_20-46-09.rpt
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