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  1. Wow has an API nowerdays, however in the early days they did not you had to interact manually with the auction house or even put something up so the addon could gather the required information. Also I dont think server owners would mind. I am not trying to steal any code or secret information, I am just gathering market prices and auction prices over some to find out what good prices are etc...
  2. Hello everyone, I am interested in collecting data from the market of goods, as well as from the auction house (items/prices) on the Altis Life Server I am playing on. Later on I am planing to do a few minor evaluations on the data I have, using Python. However I am not the host of the Server and therefore have no database access. However I remember in the good old days of World of Warcraft there where several addons which gathered information on goods and prices from the WOW Auction House. I found out nowerdays there are even web based services for that: https://theunderminejournal.com/#eu/aegwynn/item/94288 Which I think is awesome. However I have no experience with modding Arma 3 or any other games. So I wonder how it might be possible to collect this kind of data without database access?
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