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  1. Petit conseil ;), on enlève pas les redirections des licenses des templates HTML, sinon bon courage à vous !
  2. Hello guy, I worked this week-end on a web panel for Altis Life servers using js, reactjs, and Golang (backend) The panel is completly free and i'm currently working on it. I am realeasing the first version today that is not the final version, more features will be implemented in the future. (You can also suggest some) If you want to download and install it you can find it here with all the instruction in the README : https://github.com/TomLorenzi/LifePanel---Arma-Altis-Life If you have any question or if you need help feel free to post here or to talk about it on my discord (this is not advertising, this discord is only to help !) : https://discord.gg/AhtkdBX Here are the screenshot :
  3. Then what's the best to do spawn the function code or remove the spawn of the function ?
  4. That's a way, don't know if it would change a lot of things ?
  5. Because you deleted it ? https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/tree/v5.X.X/Altis_Life.Altis
  6. Hello, I am giving you this because i'm not using it, nothing difficult. First go to core\items And create a file called : fn_recoil.sqf Then paste this into it. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* File: fn_recoil.sqf Author: Nirawin Description: Norecoil item */ [] spawn { life_norecoil_effect = time; titleText[localize "STR_ISTR_recoilEffect","PLAIN"]; (vehicle player) setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0.1; //Here you can set the coeff of the norecoil 1 is normal recoil. player setCustomAimCoef 0.1; //Here you can set the coeff of the norecoil 1 is normal recoil. waitUntil {!alive player || ((time - life_norecoil_effect) > (10 * 60))}; //Here you can change the time the item is effective (vehicle player) setUnitRecoilCoefficient 1; player setCustomAimCoef 1; }; Then go to your stringtable and add this lines : <Key ID="STR_ISTR_recoilEffect"> <Original>You can now shoot without recoil for x minutes</Original> <French>Vous pouvez maintenant tirer sans recul pendant x minutes</French> </Key> Then go to your Functions.hpp and add this function under class Items : class recoil {}; After this you can go to core\pmenu\fn_userItem.sqf and add this : case (_item isEqualTo "norecoil"): { if ([false,_item,1] call life_fnc_handleInv) then { [] spawn life_fnc_norecoil; closeDialog 0; }; }; To finish you have to create your item and add it to a shop or whatever you want and put the edible variable as you want but not -1. Have a nice day ! Hope it can help !
  7. Bonjour, Je viens ici non pas pour vous présenter un serveur Altis Life ou du même genre mais pour vous faire part de la nouvelle face d'Altasia. Altasia deviens une plateforme communautaire afin de remplacer AltisDev qui a fermé ses portes. Vous pouvez donc nous rejoindre sur notre site internet : https://altasia.fr/ Le site est encore en développement ce qui signifie que des problèmes peuvent arriver et surtout que de nombreuses choses ne sont pas finalisé même si cela ne devrait tarder ! Je vous invite donc à vous créer un compte et en parler autour de vous afin de faire renaitre cette plateforme qui était fort utile et la plus agréable à utiliser par rapport aux autre plateformes internationales. https://altasia.fr/ Cordialement, Nirawin
  8. Because i know there's a way to get it on rcon (in a simple way i guess ?) If i don't fin any i will do that
  9. Hmm rpt logs mainly, so moderators can see money logs with an RCON connection
  10. But I still can't get logs without connecting to my server files with that ? (FTP connection)
  11. Hello, I know there's a way to get your servers logs and send it to your rcon console so connected admin to your Rcon can see logs such as money logs and more. I can't find the way to do this, and the only logs that appears in my Rcon console are the connection... Do you have any idea or solution ? Thanks a lot !
  12. Error in expression <lockpick; closeDialog 0; }; case (EQUAL(_item,"marijuana")): { if(([false,_item> Error position: <(_item,"marijuana")): { if(([false,_item> Error Missing ) File core\pmenu\fn_useItem.sqf [life_fnc_useItem]..., line 135 everything is here.... you forgot a ")" or you added a "(" that is not closed and not necessary.
  13. Would be nice to see what it looks like ^^
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