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  1. I'm on V.5 and I tried but paychecks revert back to the LIFE_SETTINGS paycheck not the custom one.
  2. Oh really, i didn't know that sry.
  3. https://pastebin.com/RYMyqPtS here is the RPT file
  4. I tried to make that donor will have less respawn timer, this will make respawn time decrease by 20%. I changed the following file to this On Player killed if (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer") < 5) then { _maxTime = time + 5; } else if(FETCH_CONST(life_donorlevel) > 1) then { _maxTime = time + ((LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer") - (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer") / 100) * (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer_donor")))); } else { _maxTime = time + LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer"); }; and Add respawn_timer_donor = 20 to Config_Master.hpp I wanted to know why my respawn time is not showing up. Thank You it's a sqf problem RPT file have no error.
  5. My Config.cfg File https://pastebin.com/pzVSNE63 My BEserver.cfg file https://pastebin.com/Wk46uhPf
  6. TADST but when I set 100 it always go to 64
  7. I put number at 100 but still it forces my server to 64 maximum players.
  8. Yes, Thank You for helping me so much. But on Unload it didn;t Unload for me I stuck in the sky.
  9. Yes I enable 3D Vehicle Shop but it still didn't do the work for me.
  10. I set it to true but it didn't show vehicle, it did show the shop menu but not the vehicle preview
  11. How to make it go to outro when I click Yes instead of abort.
  12. How can I change this script to make it work when click yes after abort. It is this text "If you cancel this mission you will return to lobby. Are you Sure?"
  13. So basically it is a Y menu items which is for the cops, It is called the evidence bag which will help cops to remove any items on the ground that are near the cops in a small radius
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