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  1. Works for everyone else, don't know why it wouldnt be for you.
  2. Hi, Theres a new Life Server released today, and already have a average player base of 15 and it is rapidly growing. The Map we are using is Kelleys Island Remastered, we are using heavily custom framework. We also have a Police Database Police panel with these features: - Criminal Records Search/Lookup (if a warrant is active for the person it alerts you) - Traffic Citations Search/Lookup (if a warrant is active for the person it alerts you) - BOLO Dashboard - DOC Panel (for processing criminals) - DOJ Expungement Panel - Frequency Page (shows all frequenices, highlights active, and shows recent visitors on the page at the bottom) - Police Roster (Includes name, rank, call sign, and department. In order of superiority.) - Show arrests/traffic citations from the past 24 hours on one page - Useful Links (which command can change to their own SOP's, roster, etc. using the command dashboard) - Command Dashboard (Able to manage frequencies, officers rank/dept, view all arrests/citations, edit useful info and more) - Warrants Dashboard to Add/Remove arrest, bench, and search warrants. As well as view all active warrants - Settings (Officers can change their name, department, call sign, and password) Criminal Lookup: http://i.imgur.com/blqHsRD.png Frequencies: http://i.imgur.com/Q4boT73.png Active Warrants: http://i.imgur.com/qXwfQbK.png Search/Add Warrants: http://i.imgur.com/9KSsAug.png Command Dashboard: http://i.imgur.com/den7eCf.png Also we are looking for Sheriffs, Civilians and also Fire & Resuce Members, all applications are open. Our Teamspeak is: Our Website is: realismnetwork.com Message me if your interested or if you have a gang and we can sort some stuff out. Also we do give referall money out if you want but its not much.
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