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  1. Paste bin from where? what i need to do? please thanks
  2. it didn´t work.. still the problem of "there is no car nearby blablablaa..
  3. Ok, so like ["Car","Air","Ship" , etc.. ? right?
  4. Yes, so where i put the class of the car?
  5. Yeah, i was talking about that, like if i have i bmw mod the name would be probably as an example car_bmw something like that right?
  6. So as you say, i need to put the car name? or class? but wich is the class? how i know?
  7. Ehhhh.. i don´t know if the modded cars are classes or bases? But there is a pastebin of mine fn_storevehicle https://pastebin.com/kAMKTx2n
  8. Hey everyone, i recently started to make and config a Altis Life server fro Arma 3 and it as everything good.. but when i buy a Modded car in the Car Shop i cannot put it on the Garage! and when the server reboot is not there.. someone can help me? plz? Thanks!
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