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  1. Hello! We're a pretty new Altis Life server hoping to grow and expand our community. Obviously you first need players, and for that an appealing and active server. We have a basic outline of what we want the server to look like. I've been doing all the developing work thus far but we're reaching a point where if we want to go any further, we need an experienced developer on our staff as I am definitely not one. This is most certainly a bit of a reach but if any developers are interested in joining a community with active staff members who are eager to get the ball rolling we'd love to have you. Obviously it would be unreasonable to request this for free so we're offering 30% of any donations we receive. If we begin to grow then we can talk about increasing that amount, but for now we need as much funding as possible. Again, likely a bit of a reach but if you're interested join us at: discord.io/F Thanks!
  2. Also, here is my scripts.txt and scripts.log, might be useful. Im using a pastebin for the log. XYZ = My IP https://pastebin.com/Fr41a5te scripts.txt
  3. Hey, I posted on Discord as well, but I'm now on somewhat of a deadline. Sorry for all my posts lately, this will hopefully be the last in a good while. I installed infiSTAR and everything works as normal until I get to the map spawn in screen. I get a popup with "Battleye Script Restriction #4" and get kicked. I know this is more than likely a problem with my script.txt, but I am quite the newbie at this. I'll provide my server RTP. Thanks ahead of time. arma3server_x64_2019-02-11_23-07-55.rpt
  4. Hey, I just recently rented a server from nitrado, as well as the version of infistar for altis life. Theres a nitrado trial version free with infistar, but I would like the full version so I purchased it. Nitrado provides this picture but in my infistar download I have nothing resembling "@infiSTAR_A3" Does anyone know what I'm missing here?
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