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  1. Also, here is my scripts.txt and scripts.log, might be useful. Im using a pastebin for the log. XYZ = My IP https://pastebin.com/Fr41a5te scripts.txt
  2. Hey, I posted on Discord as well, but I'm now on somewhat of a deadline. Sorry for all my posts lately, this will hopefully be the last in a good while. I installed infiSTAR and everything works as normal until I get to the map spawn in screen. I get a popup with "Battleye Script Restriction #4" and get kicked. I know this is more than likely a problem with my script.txt, but I am quite the newbie at this. I'll provide my server RTP. Thanks ahead of time. arma3server_x64_2019-02-11_23-07-55.rpt
  3. Hey, I just recently rented a server from nitrado, as well as the version of infistar for altis life. Theres a nitrado trial version free with infistar, but I would like the full version so I purchased it. Nitrado provides this picture but in my infistar download I have nothing resembling "@infiSTAR_A3" Does anyone know what I'm missing here?