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  1. Aura

    Vehicle Mod Shop

    Ty much appreciated
  2. Aura

    Vehicle Mod Shop

    it would work but you haven't added the dialogue file
  3. i am trying to make this work with UPM notification instead of showing a normal hint how would i go about doing that? ["DATA TRANSFER","Please be aware that information from this session may be transfered to third party services such as Battlemetrics.com."] call UPM_fnc_showNotification ; where would i place this?
  4. Unfortunatly this does not work when i put this instead anyone can be killed in the safezone and no message obvs tazers work ect but everyone can shoot and kill people and they get no message when shooting. it works fine with the first one just that police cannot taze people.
  5. is there anyway to make this work with tazers so cops can taze people ? because at the moment tazers do nothing while in the safezone but i want it so police can taze still but players do not receive damage.
  6. Aura

    [Tutorial] Zip Ties

    if you used if(playerSide in [independent]) exitWith {};//Makes it so police and EMS cant zip tie people and cannot ziptie as cop thats because independent is medic not cop
  7. this whole system is messed up lol for one when a medic is online they do not get a notification to when the player needs a medic and when you get to the player you cannot revive them. just a copy and paste script :L
  8. Also would it be possible to put a filter on the screen like a bloody blurred one to limit what players can see?
  9. thanks for helping me fix it. two questions how come where it says medic in the bottom right it says script and not the distance of the medic? and how come after you bleedout it says life_death_screen right in the middle of the screen for about 3 seconds? @XaFlaForo
  10. do i need to add that or XaFlaForo ?
  11. https://pastebin.com/VrHN8StY https://pastebin.com/ruvY9DML
  12. yes i even went to follow the tutorial and then looked in the same files in your supplied mission and placed things in the same place you did just to make sure and it still spawns me on spawn island
  13. tested your mission it does work i followed the tutorial again and still when i respawn it puts me on spawn island no deathscreen checked server rpt no errors showing
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