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  1. There as been a huge economy and resource overhaul since this and now we are coming into the stages of having a full uptime server with minimum bugs. Also we have a new staff team compared to our old one as it was discussed in a meeting not to long ago that we needed to rethink what we wanted our staff team to be like. Furthermore the planned resources have been added and are fully functioning so why not hope on and say hello, also we are still looking for cops and civs so feel free to message me about any interests in either of these positions. -PGRP Developer Team
  2. The licenses that a player has does not show up in the phone please update this so they do Other than this small issue great job as I use this on my server.
  3. Server has had some resources placed in and more are coming in the future also we a requesting the recruitment of cops with previous experience and also any civs who want a head start we will be hosting a series of events with about 250K available for every winner but the events only happen if we can get about 15 - 20 people online. if anyone's interested reply to this but ill give more information when I receive more information from the owner
  4. I will notify you all when the next patch is released adding the resources and black market plus potetiallly some special features for users to find out and discover themselves
  5. Website: www.PandaGaming.se Server: Discord: https://discord.gg/zs8hs8T NOTE: While on this server you may still experience various bugs as there are still areas for improvement, however if you do experience any bugs/glitches please report it to a staff member nicely, this means without any verbal abuse as it will NOT be tolerated by any of our team! Current Additions/Features: Custom Kavala Police HQ Custom Jail Custom police Actions (Patdowns, Revoke License, threat Level System[WIP]) Enhanced Resources Robbable Gas Statio
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